Crișul Băiței River

Crișul Băiței River
Countries Romania
Counties Bihor County
 - right Hoanca Moțului, Bulzu, Sighiştel
Villages Băița, Nucet, Fânațe, Câmpani, Lunca
Mouth Crișul Negru
 - location Ștei
 - coordinates 46°32′35″N 22°26′34″E / 46.5430°N 22.4427°E / 46.5430; 22.4427Coordinates: 46°32′35″N 22°26′34″E / 46.5430°N 22.4427°E / 46.5430; 22.4427
Progression Crișul NegruKörösTiszaDanubeBlack Sea

The Crișul Băiței River is the right headwater of the river Crișul Negru in Romania. At its confluence with the Crișul Băiței in Ștei, the Crișul Negru is formed.



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