Crișul Alb (river)

Râul Crișul Alb (Fehér-Körös)
Countries Romania, Hungary
Counties Romania:
Hunedoara, Arad
 - left Cigher
Towns Brad, Gyula
 - location Apuseni Mountains
Mouth Körös
 - location near Gyula
 - coordinates 46°42′1″N 21°16′9″E / 46.70028°N 21.26917°E / 46.70028; 21.26917Coordinates: 46°42′1″N 21°16′9″E / 46.70028°N 21.26917°E / 46.70028; 21.26917
Length 236 km (147 mi)
Progression KörösTiszaDanubeBlack Sea

The Crișul Alb (Romanian), (Hungarian: Fehér-Körös) is a river in western Romania in the historical region of Transylvania and south-eastern Hungary (Békés County). Its source is in the southern Apuseni Mountains (Romanian: Munții Apuseni). It flows through the towns Brad, Ineu, Chișineu-Criș in Romania, and Gyula in Hungary. Crossing the border of Hungary, the river, now called Fehér-Körös, joins the Fekete-Körös a few kilometres north from Gyula to form the Körös River.

Towns and villages

The following towns and villages are situated along the river Crișul Alb, from source to mouth. In Romania: Brad, Baia de Criș, Hălmagiu, Gurahonț, Dieci, Sebiș, Bocsig, Ineu, Șicula, Chișineu-Criș

In Hungary: Gyula, Doboz


The following rivers are tributaries to the river Crișul Alb:

The Canalul Morilor, an irrigation canal, runs parallel to the Crișul Alb through the lowland area between Buteni and Pilu.



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