Criș Collector Canal

Criș Collector Canal
Maximum height above sea level 96 m (315 ft)
Minimum height above sea level 89 m (292 ft)
Start point Crișul Repede at Tărian, Romania
End point Crișul Negru at Tămașda, Romania
Beginning coordinates 47°05′17″N 21°47′03″E / 47.0880°N 21.7841°E / 47.0880; 21.7841
Ending coordinates 46°38′59″N 21°34′43″E / 46.6497°N 21.5786°E / 46.6497; 21.5786

The Criș Collector Canal (Romanian: Canalul Colector Criș) is the main canal of the drainage system of the area between the Crișul Repede River and the Crișul Negru River in Bihor County, western Romania. The lower reach of the canal is also known as Tămașda Collector Canal (Romanian: Canalul Corector Tămașda).

The canal starts from the Crișul Repede near the village of Tărian, 10 km west of Oradea, and flows into the Crișul Negru upstream of the village of Tămașda. The canal intercepts the drainage canals and the rivers flowing westward between the two main rivers, including Gepiu, Veljul Mare and Veljul Negreştilor. It passes through the villages Tărian, Toboliu, Roit, Sânnicolau Român, Cefa, Homorog, Arpășel, Ghiorac, Boiu and Tămașda.



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