Crew of the RMS Titanic

RMS Titanic's four surviving officers: Fifth Officer Harold Lowe, Second Officer Charles Lightoller, Fourth Officer Joseph Boxhall, and Third Officer Herbert Pitman, seated.

The crew of the RMS Titanic were among the estimated 2,344 people who sailed on the maiden voyage of the second of the White Star Line's Olympic class ocean sea liners, from Southampton, England to New York City in the US.[1] Halfway through the voyage, the ship struck an iceberg and sank in the early morning of 15 April 1912, resulting in the deaths of over 1,500 people,[2] including approximately 688 crew members.[3]

Crew List

Breakdown of casualties according to the British Board of Trade report (click for detail). Crew members are in blue.

The following is a full list[4] of known crew members who sailed on the maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic.

Included in this list are the nine-member Guarantee Group and the eight members of the ship's band, who were given passenger accommodations and treated as both passengers and crew.[5][6] They are also included in the list of passengers on board RMS Titanic.

Crew members are colour-coded, indicating whether they were saved or perished.
     The crew member did not survive
     The crew member survived

Survivors are listed with the lifeboat from which they were known to be rescued by the RMS Carpathia, on 15 April 1912.

Victims whose remains were recovered after the sinking are listed with a superscript next to the body number, indicating the recovery vessel:

Numbers 324 and 325 were unused, and the six bodies buried at sea by the Carpathia also went unnumbered.[8] Several recovered bodies were unidentifiable and thus not all numbers are matched with a person.

Upon recovery, the bodies of 209 identified and unidentified victims of the sinking were brought to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Of those, 121 were taken to the non-denominational Fairview Lawn Cemetery, 59 were repatriated, 19 were buried in the Roman Catholic Mount Olivet Cemetery, and 10 were taken to the Jewish Baron de Hirsch Cemetery. The bodies of the remaining recovered victims were either delivered to family members or buried at sea.

It should be noted that the "Hometown" field may be misleading. Many crew had secondary or temporary addresses in Southampton, which they gave when signing the crew list, and others may have only recently relocated there. In particular, the number of crew from Merseyside is understated; for example, Chief Engineer Joseph Bell and Chief Steward Andrew Latimer lived with their families in the Liverpool area. Dr. Alan Scarth, in his book Titanic and Liverpool, identifies 115 crew members with close connections to the city, of whom only 28 survived.[9]

Ship's officers

Smith, Commander Edward John, RNR (Retd)62Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, EnglandSouthamptonCaptain
Wilde, Lieutenant Henry Tingle, RNR39Walton, Lancashire, EnglandSouthamptonChief Officer
Murdoch, Lieutenant William McMaster, RNR39Dalbeattie, Kirkcudbrightshire, ScotlandBelfastFirst Officer
Lightoller, Sub-Lieutenant Charles Herbert, RNR38Netley, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSecond OfficerB
Pitman, Mr. Herbert John34Castle Cary, Somerset, EnglandBelfastThird Officer5
Boxhall, Sub-Lieutenant Joseph Groves, RNR28Hull, Yorkshire, EnglandBelfastFourth Officer2
Lowe, Sub-Lieutenant Harold Godfrey, RNR29Barmouth, Merionethshire, WalesBelfastFifth Officer14
Moody, Mr. James Paul24Grimsby, Lincolnshire, EnglandBelfastSixth Officer

Deck crew

The Titanic employed:

Anderson, Mr. James40Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman16
Anderson, Mr. John41Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman16
Archer, Mr. Ernest Edward36Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman3
Bailey, Mr. Joseph Henry43Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonMaster-at-arms16
Bradley, Mr. T.29Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman
Brice, Mr. Walter T.42Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman11
Bright, Mr. Arthur John41Woolston, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonQuartermasterD
Buley, Mr. Edward John27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman10
Clench, Mr. Frederick34Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman12
Clench, Mr. George James31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman
Couch, Mr. Frank28Port Isaac, CornwallSouthamptonAble Seaman253MB
Davis, Mr. Stephen James39Landport, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman
Evans, Mr. Alfred Frank24Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonLookout15
Evans, Mr. Frank Oliver24Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman10
Fleet, Mr. Frederick24Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastLookout6
Foley, Mr. John44Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastStorekeeper4
Forward, Mr. James27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman16
Haines, Mr. Albert M.31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBoatswain9
Harder, Mr. William39Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonWindow Cleaner14
Hemming, Mr. Samuel Ernest43Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastLamp Trimmer4
Hichens, Mr. Robert29Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonQuartermaster6
Hogg, Mr. George Alfred29Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastLookout7
Holman, Mr. Harry27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastAble Seaman7
Hopkins, Mr. Robert John40Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman13
Horswill, Mr. Albert Edward James33Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman1
Humphreys, Mr. Sidney James48Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonQuartermaster11
Hutchinson, Mr. John Hall26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastCarpenter/Joiner170MB
Jewell, Mr. Archie23Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastLookout7
Jones, Mr. Thomas William32Liverpool, Lancashire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman8
King, Mr. Thomas W.43Portsmouth, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonMaster-at-arms
Lee, Mr. Reginald Robinson41Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonLookout13
Lucas, Mr. William A.25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble SeamanD
Lyons, Mr. William Henry[13]26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman4
Matherson, Mr. David30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman192MB
Mathais, Mr. Montague Vincent27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonMess Steward
Maxwell, Mr. John31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastCarpenter/Joiner
McCarthy, Mr. William47Cork, County Cork, IrelandSouthamptonAble Seaman4
McGough, Mr. James R.25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman9
Moore, Mr. George Alfred32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman3
Nichols, Mr. Alfred42Shirley, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBoatswain
O'Loughlin, Dr. William Francis Norman62Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSurgeon
Olliver, Mr. Alfred27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastQuartermaster5
Osman, Mr. Frank28Itchen, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman2
Pascoe, Mr. Charles H.43Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman8
Perkis, Mr. Walter John37Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastQuartermaster4
Peters, Mr. William Chapman26Woolston, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman9
Poingdestre, Mr. John Thomas33Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman12
Rowe, Mr. George Thomas32Gosport, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastQuartermasterC
Sawyer, Mr. Robert James30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonWindow Cleaner
Scarrott, Mr. Joseph George33Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman14
Simpson, Dr. John Edward37Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Surgeon
Smith, Mr. William26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman
Symons, Mr. George Thomas Macdonald24Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonLookout1
Tamlyn, Mr. Frederick23Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonMess Steward123MB
Taylor, Mr. C.35Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman
Terrell, Mr. Bertram20Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman
Thorley, Mr. Jonathon15Brighton, Sussex, EnglandSouthamptonLamp Trimmer13
Vigott, Mr. Philip Francis32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAble Seaman13
Weller, Mr. William Clifford30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastAble Seaman7
Wynn, Mr. Walter41Shirley, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastQuartermaster9

Engineering crew

The engineers were responsible for keeping the engines, generators, and other mechanical equipment on the Titanic running. They were the highest paid members of the crew, and had the education and technical expertise to operate, maintain, and repair the engineering plant.

Shortly after leaving Southampton, a fire was discovered in the coal bunker of No 6 Boiler Room. For a number of days, coal trimmers were detailed to trace the source of the fire and extinguish it.

On the night of 14 April, the Second Engineering Officer, John Henry Hesketh – the senior engineer on duty, and Leading Fireman Frederick Barrett were in No 6 Boiler inspecting the coal bunker and confirming the fire was out when the Titanic struck the iceberg at 11.40 pm. It ripped this part of the ship and the pair escaped through the connecting tunnel to No 5 Boiler Room, closing the bulkhead doors. Barrett later gave evidence at the Southampton Enquiry.

Most of the engineering crew remained below decks in the engine and boiler rooms: some fighting a losing battle to keep the ship afloat by operating the pumps in the forward compartments as well as keeping the steam up in the boiler rooms, so as to prevent boiler explosion on contact with the water; and others keeping the generators running to maintain power and lights throughout the Titanic up until two minutes before the ship sank. It is speculated that their actions delayed the sinking for over an hour and helped keep the ship afloat long enough for nearly all the lifeboats to be launched.[14] Some of the men working downstairs were killed when seawater flooded this section as the ship hit the iceberg.

The RMS Titanic employed
Abrams, Mr. William33Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Adams, Mr. R.26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Allen, Mr. Henry32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker145MB
Allen, Mr. Ernest Frederick24Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmerB
Allsop, Mr. Alfred Samuel34Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastElectrician
Avery, Mr. James Frank22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer15
Bailey, Mr. George W.46Woolston, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Baines, Mr. Richard24Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser
Bannon, Mr. John32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser
Barlow, Mr. Charles30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Barnes, Mr. Charles29Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Barnes, Mr. Frederick29Woolston, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Barrett, Mr. Frederick28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonLeading Fireman13
Barrett, Mr. Frederick William33Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Beattie, Mr. Joseph34Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastGreaser
Beauchamp, Mr. George William24Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker13
Bell, Mr. Joseph50Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastChief Engineer
Bendell, Mr. F.24Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Bennett, Mr. George Alfred30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Benville, Mr. E.42Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Bessant, Mr. William Edward39Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Bevis, Mr. Joseph Henry22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Biddlecombe, Mr. Charles33Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Biggs, Mr. Edward Charles21Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Billow, Mr. J.20Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Binstead, Mr. Walter19Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer3
Black, Mr. Alexander28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Black, Mr. D.41Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Blackman, Mr. H.24Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Blake, Mr. Percival Albert22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer15
Blake, Mr. Seaton26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonMess Steward
Blake, Mr. Thomas36Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Blaney, Mr. James29Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Blann, Mr. Eustace Horatius21Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Bott, Mr. W.44Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser
Bradley, Mr. Patrick Joseph39Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Brewer, Mr. Henry "Harry"30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Briant, Mr. Albert34Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser
Brooks, Mr. J.25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Brown, Mr. John25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker267MB
Brown, Mr. Joseph James25Eastleigh, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Burroughs, Mr. Arthur35Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Burton, Mr. Edward John32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Butt, Mr. William John30Freemantle, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker77MB
Calderwood, Mr. Hugh30Belfast, IrelandBelfastTrimmer
Canner, Mr. J.40Woolston, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Carr, Mr. Richard Stephen37Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Carter, Mr. James46Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Casey, Mr. T.28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Castleman, Mr. Edward37Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser
Cavell, Mr. George Henry22Sholing Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer15
Cherrett, Mr. William Victor24Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Chisnall, Mr. George Alexander35Itchen, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBoilermaker111MB
Chorley, Mr. John25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Clark, Mr. William39Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker15
Coe, Mr. Harry21Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Coleman, Mr. John57Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastMess Steward
Collins, Mr. Samuel35Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker1
Combes, Mr. George21Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker3
Cooper, Mr. Harry26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Cooper, Mr. James25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Copperthwaite, Mr. B.22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Corcoran, Mr. Dennis33Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Cotton, Mr. A.26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Couch, Mr. Joseph Henry45Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser
Couper, Mr. Robert30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker3
Coy, Mr. Francis Ernest George26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonJunior Assistant 3rd Engineer
Crabb, Mr. H.23Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Creese, Mr. Henry Philip44Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastDeck Engineer
Crimmins, Mr. James21Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker13
Cross, Mr. W.39Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Cunningham, Mr. B.30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Curtis, Mr. Arthur25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Davies, Mr. Thomas33Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonLeading Fireman
Dawson, Mr. Joseph[16]23Dublin, IrelandSouthamptonTrimmer227MB
Diaper, Mr. J.25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Dickson, Mr. W.36Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Dilley, Mr. John30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Dillon, Mr. Thomas Patrick25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer4
Dodd, Mr. Edward Charles38Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastJunior 3rd Engineer
Dodds, Mr. Henry Watson27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonJunior Assistant 4th Engineer
Doel, Mr. Frederick22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/StokerC
Dore, Mr. A.22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Doyle, Mr. Laurence27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Duffy, Mr. William Luke28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastWriter/Engineer's Clerk
Dyer, Mr. Henry Ryland24Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSenior Assistant 4th Engineer
Dymond, Mr. Frank25Itchen, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker15
Eagle, Mr. Alfred James22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Eastman, Mr. Charles44Millbrook, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser
Elliott, Mr. Everett Edward23Edmonton, London, EnglandLondonTrimmer
Ervine, Mr. Albert George18Belfast, IrelandBelfastAssistant Electrician
Evans, Mr. Williams32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer31MB
Farquharson, Mr. William Edward39Belfast, Ireland,SouthamptonSenior 2nd Engineer
Fay, Mr. Thomas30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser
Ferrary, Mr. Anton33Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer308M{?}[17]
Ferris, Mr. William38Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonLeading Fireman
Fitzpatrick, Mr. Charles W.N.30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonMess StewardB-
Flarty, Mr. Edward52Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker?
Ford. Mr. H.22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Ford, Mr. Thomas30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonLeading Fireman
Foster, Mr. A.37Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonEngineering Storekeeper
Fraser, Mr. James29Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfast, IrelandJunior Assistant Third Engineer
Fraser, Mr. James29Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Fredricks, Mr. Walter Francis20Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer15
Fryer, Mr. Albert Ernest26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer13
Geer, Mr. Alfred Ernest24Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Godley, Mr. George38Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker?
Godwin, Mr. Frederick Charles36Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser
Golder, Mr. Martin W.32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Gordon, Mr. J.29Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Goree, Mr. Frank28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser
Gosling, Mr. Bertram James22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Gosling, S.26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Gradidge, Mr. Ernest E.32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker276MB
Graham, Mr. Thomas Gibson28Belfast, IrelandBelfastFireman/Stoker
Green, Mr. George41Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Gregory, Mr. David43Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser
Gumery, Mr. George24Birmingham, EnglandSouthamptonMess Steward
Hagan, Mr. John30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastFireman/Stoker3
Hall, Mr. Joseph32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Hallett, Mr. George23Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Hands, Mr. Bernard34Killeshandra, Cavan, IrelandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Hannam, Mr. George30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Harris, Mr. Edward29Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Harris, Mr. Frederick34Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker14
Harrison, Mr. Norman39Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastAssistant Second Engineer
Harvey, Mr. Herbert Gifford34Belfast, IrelandSouthamptonJunior Assistant Second Engineer
Haslin, Mr. James45Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Hart, Mr. James58Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Head, Mr. Arthur24Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Hebb, Mr. A.20Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmerB
Hendrickson, Mr. Charles Osker29Northam, Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonLeading Fireman1
Hesketh, Mr. John Henry33Kirkdale, Liverpool, EnglandBelfastJunior Second Engineer
Hill, Mr. James25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Hinton, Mr. Steven William31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Hosking, Mr. George Fox36Southampton, EnglandSouthamptonSenior Third Engineer
Hunt, Mr. Albert22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmerC
Hunt, Mr. T.28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Hurst, Mr. Charles41Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Hurst, Walter27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/StokerB
Ingram, Mr. Charles20Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer204MB[18]
Instance, T.33Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Jackopson, Mr. John Henry30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Jago, Mr. Joseph59Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser
James, Mr. Thomas27Cardiff, Glamorgan, WalesSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Jarvis, Mr. William37Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Joas, Mr. N.38Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Judd, Mr. Charles E.32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/StokerB
Jukes, Mr. James35Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser
Jupe, Mr. Herbert31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Electrician73MB
Kaspar, Mr. Franz V.40Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker9
Kearl, Mr. Charles H.44Ventnor, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser
Kearl, Mr. G.24Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Keegan, Mr. James38Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonLeading Fireman
Kelly, Mr. James44Co. Meath, IrelandSouthamptonGreaser
Kelly, Mr. William23Dublin, IrelandBelfastAssistant Electrician
Kemish, Mr. George22Shirley, Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker9
Kemp, Mr. Thomas Hulman43Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Fourth Engineer
Kenchenten, Mr. Frederick37Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser
Kerr, Mr. Thomas26Glasgow, ScotlandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Kinsella, Mr. Louis30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Kirkham, Mr. James43Whittingham, Liverpool, Lancashire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser
Knowles, Mr. Thomas39Lymington, EnglandSouthamptonFiremen's MessmanC
Lahy, Mr. Thomas E.32London, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Lee. Mr. Henry18Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Light, Mr. Charles23Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Light, Mr. W.47Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Lindsay, Mr. William Charles30Bristol, Avon, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/StokerB
Loyd, Mr. W.29Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Long, Mr. Frank28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Long, Mr. William36Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Mackie, Mr. William Dickson32London, EnglandBelfastJunior Fifth Engineer
Major, Mr. William32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker13
Marett, Mr. George John27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Marsh, Mr. Frederick Charles28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker268MB
Maskell, Mr. L.A.25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Mason, Mr. Frank Archibald Robert32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/StokerB
Mason, Mr. James39Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonLeading Fireman
May Jr., Mr. Arthur William23Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
May Sr., Mr. Arthur William60Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman's Messman
Mayo, Mr. William Peter27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonLeading Fireman117MB
Mayzes, Mr. Thomas25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker3
McAndrew, Mr. Thomas Patrick38Liverpool, Merseyside, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
McAndrews, Mr. William23Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
McCastlen, Mr. William38Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
McCubbin, Mr. LeeSouthampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
McGann, Mr. James29Liverpool, Lancashire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmerB
McGarvey, Mr. Edward Joseph34Liverpool, Lancashire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
McGaw, Mr. Errol Victor30Aldershot, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
McGregor, Mr. J. (John Brown Niven)30Edinburgh, Midlothian, ScotlandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
McInerney, Mr. Thomas38Bootle, Lancashire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser
McInytre, Mr. William22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmerA
McQuillan, Mr. William32Belfast, IrelandBelfastFireman/Stoker183MB
McRae, Mr. William Alexander32Shirley, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
McReynolds, Mr. William22Belfast, IrelandBelfastJunior Sixth Engineer
Middleton, Mr. Alfred Pirrie17Belfast, IrelandBelfastAssistant Electrician
Milford, Mr. George28Ryde, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Millar, Mr. Robert27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonExtra Fifth Engineer
Millar, Mr. Thomas33Belfast, IrelandBelfastAssistant Deck Engineer
Mintram, Mr. William46Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Mitchell, Mr. Lawrence (Lorenzo)19Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Moore, Mr. John J.29Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker3
Moore, Mr. Ralph21London, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Moores, Mr. Richard Henry44Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser
Morgan, Mr. Arthur Herbert27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Morgan, Mr. Thomas A.26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker302MB
Morrell, Mr. R. (Albert White)21Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Morris, Mr. Arthur30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser
Morris, Mr. William Edward23Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Moyes, Mr. William Young23Stirling, ScotlandBelfastSenior Sixth Engineer
Murdock, Mr. William34Belfast, IrelandBelfastFireman/StokerB
Nettleton, Mr. George Walter29St. Denys, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Newman, Mr. Charles Thomas32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonEngineering Storekeeper
Noon, Mr. John35Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Norris, Mr. James22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Noss, Mr. Bertram Arthur21Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Noss, Mr. Henry31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker15
Nutbean, Mr. William31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker3
O'Connor, Mr. John25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmerB
Olive, Mr. Charles31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser
Oliver, Mr. H.32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker3
Othen, Mr. Charles36Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker11
Paice, Mr. Richard Charles John32Kingsclere, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Painter, Mr. Charles31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Painter, Mr. Frank29Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Palles, Mr. Thomas Henry Michael45Liverpool, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser
Parsons, Mr. Frank Alfred27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSenior Fifth Engineer
Pearce, Mr. John28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker15
Pelham, Mr. George39Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer16
Perry, Mr. Edgar Lionel19Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer?
Perry, Mr. Henry Frederick23Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Phillips, Mr. G.27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser
Pitfield, Mr. William James25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser
Podesta, Mr. John25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker3
Pond, Mr. George32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Prangnell, Mr. George31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaserB
Preston, Mr. Thomas Charles Alfred20Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Priest, Mr. Arthur J.23Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker15
Proudfoot, Mr. Richard Royston22Plymouth, Devon, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Pugh, Mr. Percy31Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonLeading Fireman
Pusey, Mr. William Robert Holland24Hythe, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker1
Ranger, Mr. Thomas G.29Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser4
Read, Mr. Joseph20Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Reed, Mr. Robert30Gosport, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Reeves, Mr. Robert30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker280MB
Rice, Mr. Charles32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker10
Richards, Mr. Joseph James30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Rickman, Mr. George Albert36Milford, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Roberts, Mr. Robert George35Bransgore, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Rous, Mr. Arthur John26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonPlumber
Rudd, Mr. Henry23Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonEngineering Storkeeper86MB
Rutter, Mr. Sidney27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Sangster, Mr. Charles Edward30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Saunders, Mr. Thomasn/aSouthampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Saunders, Mr. W.30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker184MB
Saunders, Mr. W.23Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Scott, Mr. Archibald40Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Scott, Mr. Frederick28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser4
Self, Mr. Alfred Henry40Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser
Self, Mr. Edward25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker?
Senior, Mr. Henry31London, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/StokerB
Shea, Mr. Thomas29Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Sheath, Mr. Frederick20Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer1
Shepherd, Mr. Johnathan32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonJunior Assistant Second Engineer
Shiers, Mr. Alfred24Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker5
Shillaber, Mr. Charles20Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer195MB
Skeates, Mr. William26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Sloan, Mr. Peter31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastChief Electrician
Small, Mr. William40Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonLeading Fireman
Smith, Mr. Ernest George27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Smith, Mr. James Muil35Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonJunior Fourth Engineer
Smither, Mr. Harry James22Kilburn, Middlesex, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Snellgrove, Mr. George41Millbrook, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Snooks, Mr. W26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Snowberger, Mr. Eustace Philip21Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmerB
Sparkman, Mr. Henry36Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker?
Stafford, Mr. Michael (Albert Briant)34Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser
Stanbrook, Mr. Augustus30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker316M
Steel, Mr. Robert Edward30Guernsey, Channel IslandsSouthamptonTrimmer
Stocker, Mr. Henry Dorey20Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Street, Mr. Henry Albert25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker9
Stubbs, Mr. James Henry28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Sullivan Mr. S.25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Taylor, Mr. James25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker1
Taylor, Mr. John32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Taylor, Mr. T.42Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Taylor, Mr. William Henry28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker15
Thomas, Mr. James27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Thompson, Mr. John William42Liverpool, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/StokerA/14
Threlfall, Mr. Thomas38Liverpool, EnglandSouthamptonLeading Fireman14
Thresher, Mr. George25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker?
Tizard, Mr. Arthur Leopold31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Tozer, Mr. James32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser
Triggs, Mr. Robert41Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker3
Turley, Mr. Richard37Newry, Down, IrelandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
van der Brugge, Mr. Wessel Adrianus42Delfshaven, Rotterdam, NetherlandsSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Veal, Mr. Arthur36Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser
Vear, Mr. Henry32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Vear, Mr. W.32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker59MB
Ward, Mr. Arthur24Romsey, EnglandBelfastJunior Assistant Fourth Engineer
Ward, Mr. Joseph31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonLeading Fireman
Wardner, Mr. Frederick Albert39Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Wateridge, Mr. Edward Lewis25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Watson, Mr. W.27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker158MB
Webb, Mr. Samuel Francis28Salford, Manchester, Lancashire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Webber, Mr. Francis Albert31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonLeading Fireman
White, Mr. Alfred32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser4
White, Mr. Frank Leonard27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
White, Mr. William George23Salisbury, Wiltshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer15
Williams, Mr. Samuel Solomon26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Wilson, Mr. Bertie28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSenior Assistant Second Engineer
Wilton, Mr. William45Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Witcher, Mr. Alfred40Lymington, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Witt, Mr. F.n/aSouthampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Witt, Mr. Henry Dennis40Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Woodford, Mr. Frederick41Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGreaser
Wood, Mr. Henry31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTrimmer
Wyeth, Mr. James Robert26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker
Young, Mr. Francis James30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFireman/Stoker

Victualling crew

There were 421 men and women assigned to the Victualling Department on the Titanic:

Abbott, Mr. Ernest Owen21Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFirst Class Lounge Pantry Steward
Ahier, Mr. Percy Snowden20Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFirst Class Saloon Steward
Akerman, Mr. Albert28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonThird Class Steward
Akerman, Mr. Joseph Francis35Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Pantry Steward205MB
Allan, Mr. Robert Spencer36Shirley, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFirst Class Bedroom Steward
Allen, Mr. George26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonScullion
Allen, Mr. Frederick17Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonLift Steward
Allsop, Mr. Frank Richard41Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBedroom Steward
Anderson, Mr. Walter J.48Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBedroom Steward146MB
Andrews, Mr. Charles Edward19Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Second Class Saloon Steward16
Ashcroft, Mr. Austin Aloysius26Seacombe, Cheshire, EnglandSouthamptonClerk
Ashe, Mr. Henry Wellesley32Liverpool, Lancashire, EnglandSouthamptonGlory Hole Steward34MB
Ayling, Mr. George Edwin22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Vegetable Cook
Back, Mr. Charles Frederick32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastAssistant Lounge Steward
Baggott, Mr. Allen Marden28Itchen, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward9
Bagley, Mr. Edward Ernest31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFirst Class Saloon Steward
Bailey, Mr. George Francis36Shepperton, London, EnglandBelfastSecond Class Saloon Steward161MB
Ball, Mr. Percy19Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFirst Class Plate Steward13
Barker, Mr. Albert Vale19Winchester, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Baker
Barker, Mr. Ernest T.37London, EnglandSouthamptonFirst Class Saloon Steward159MB
Barker, Mr. Reginald Lomond40Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastAssistant Purser
Barlow, Mr. George36Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSecond Class Bedroom Steward
Barnes, Mr. Frederick37Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBaker26{?}MB[19]
Barratt, Mr. Arthur15Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBell Boy
Barringer, Mr. Arthur William33Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward
Barrow, Mr. Harry35Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonButcher
Barrows, Mr. William32London, EnglandSouthamptonFirst Class Saloon Steward
Barton, Mr. Sidney John25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonThird Class Steward
Baxter, Mr. Harry Ross51Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonThird Class Steward
Baxter, Mr. Thomas Ferguson48Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonLinen Steward235MB
Bedford, Mr. William Barnet31Itchen, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Roast Cook
Beedem, Mr. George Arthur34London, EnglandSouthamptonSecond Class Bedroom Steward
Beere, Mr. William19Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonKitchen Porter
Benham, Mr. Frederick29Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSecond Class Saloon Steward
Bennett, Mrs. Mabel30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFirst Class Stewardess5
Bessant, Mr. Edward William31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBaggage Steward
Best, Mr. Alfred38Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastFirst Class Saloon Steward
Blake, Mr. Seaton26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastMess Steward
Bishop, Mr. Walter Alexander34Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastFirst Class Bedroom Steward
Bliss, Mrs. Emma (née Junod)45London, EnglandSouthamptonFirst Class Stewardess15
Bochatay, Mr. Alexis Joseph30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonChef
Bogie, Mr. Norman Leslie29Eastleigh, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSecond Class Bedroom Steward274MB
Bond, Mr. William John40Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastFirst Class Bedroom Steward
Boothby, Mr. W.36Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSecond Class Bedroom Steward107MB
Boston, Mr. William John30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastDeck Steward
Boughton, Mr. B.24Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward
Boyd, Mr. John35Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward
Boyes, Mr. John Henry36Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward
Bradshaw, Mr. J.A.43Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonPlate Steward
Brewster, Mr. George H.48Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBedroom Steward
Bride, Mr. Harold Sydney22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastAssistant TelegraphistB
Bristow, Mr. Robert Charles31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward290MB
Bristow, Mr. Harry33Looe, CornwallSouthamptonSaloon Steward
Brookman, Mr, John27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward
Broom, Mr. H.33Cowes, Isle of Wight, EnglandBelfastBath Steward
Broome, Mr. Athol Frederick30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonVerandah Steward
Brown, Mr. Edward34Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon StewardA
Brown, Mr. Walter James28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward
Buckley, Mr. H.E.34Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Vegetable Cook
Bull, Mr. W.30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonScullion
Bulley, Mr. Henry Ashburnham21Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBoots
Bunnell, Mr. Wilfred20Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastPlate Steward
Burgess, Mr. Charles Reginald18Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonExtra Third Baker15
Burke, Mr. Richard Edward30Chandler's Ford, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastLounge Steward
Burke, Mr. William31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward10
Burr, Mr. Ewart29Woolston, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward
Burrage, Mr. Alfred20Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonPlate Steward13
Butt, Mr. Robert Henry22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward10MB
Butterworth, Mr. John23Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward116MB
Byrne, Mr. J.E.31Ilford, London, EnglandSouthamptonBedroom Steward
Campbell, Mr. Donald S.25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonThird Class Clerk
Carney, Mr. William31Liverpool, Lancashire, EnglandSouthamptonLift Steward251MB
Cartwright, Mr. James Edward32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward320M
Casswill, Mr. Charles32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward
Caton, Miss Annie50London, EnglandSouthamptonTurkish Bath Stewardess11
Caunt, Mr. William Ewart27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGrill Cook
Cave, Mr. Herbert34Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward218MB
Cecil, Mr. C.20Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward
Chapman, Mr. Joseph Charles32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBoots9
Charman, Mr. John25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward185{?}MB[20]
Cheverton, Mr. William Edward27Newport, Pembrokeshire, WalesBelfastSaloon Steward334I
Chitty, Mr. Archibald George28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward
Chitty, Mr. George Henry52Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBaker
Christmas, Mr. H.33Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Saloon Steward
Coleman, Mr. Albert Edward28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward
Coleman, Mr. John57Itchen, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonMess Steward112{?}MB[20]
Colgan, Mr. E. Joseph33Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonScullion13
Collins, Mr. John17Belfast, IrelandSouthamptonScullionB
Conway, Mr. P.W.25London, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward
Cook, Mr. George42Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward
Coombs, Mr. Augustus Charles38Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonCook
Corben, Mr. Ernest Theodore27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Printer Steward
Coutin, Mr. Auguste Louis28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonEntree Cook
Cox, Mr. William Denton29Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward300MB
Crafter, Mr. Frederick27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward15
Crawford, Mr. Alfred36Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBedroom Steward8
Crisp, Mr. Albert Hector35Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward
Crispin, Mr. William32Eastleigh, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGlory Hole Steward
Crosby, Mr. J. Bertram42London, EnglandSouthamptonTurkish Bath Attendant
Crowe, Mr. George Frederick30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward14
Crumplin, Mr. Charles35Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBedroom Steward
Cullen, Mr. Charles45Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBedroom Steward11
Cunningham, Mr. Andrew35Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBedroom Steward4
Daniels, Mr. Sidney Edward18Southsea, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonStewardB
Dashwood, Mr. William George19Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward83MB
Davies, Mr. Gordon Raleigh33Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBedroom Steward
Davies, Mr. John James27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastExtra 2nd Baker200MB
Davies, Mr. Robert J.26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward191MB
Dean, Mr. George H.19Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Saloon Steward252MB
Deeble, Mr. Alfred Arnold29Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward270MB
Derrett, Mr. Albert26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward
Deslands, Mr. Percival Stainer36Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward212MB
Desvernine, Mr. Louis Gabriel20Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Pastry Cook
Dinenage, Mr. James Richard47Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward
Dodd, Mr. George Charles44Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSteward
Dolby, Mr. Joseph36Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastReception Room Steward
Donoghue, Mr. Frank35Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBedroom Steward
Doughty, Mr. W.22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward
Dunford, Mr. William41Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonHospital Steward71MB
Dyer, Mr. William31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward
Edbrooke, Mr. F.24Portsmouth, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward
Ede, Mr. George B.22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward
Edge, Mr. Frederick William37Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonDeck Steward
Edwards, Mr. Clement38Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Pantryman Steward
Egg, Mr. W.H.34London, EnglandSouthamptonSteward
Ellis, Mr. John Bertram30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Vegetable Cook2
Ennis, Mr. Walter35Southport, Lancashire, EnglandSouthamptonTurkish Bath Attendant
Etches, Mr. Henry Samuel41Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBedroom Steward5
Evans, Mr. George Richard32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward
Fairall, Mr. Henry38Ryde, Isle of Wight, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward
Farrenden, Mr. Ernest John32Emsworth, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastConfectioner26{?}MB
Faulkner, Mr. William Stephen37Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBedroom Steward11
Fellowes, Mr. Alfred J.29Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBoots138MB
Feltham, Mr. G.36Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonVienna Baker
Finch, Mr. Harry18Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward
Fletcher, Mr. Peter W.26Sholing, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBugler Steward
Foley, Mr. William C.26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward13
Ford, Mr. Ernest32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward
Ford, Mr. F.37Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBedroom Steward
Fox, Mr. William Thomas27Ealing, London, EnglandSouthamptonSteward214{?}MB[20]
Franklin, Mr. Alan Vincent29Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward262MB
Freeman, Mr. Ernest Edward Samuel43Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastDeck Steward239MB
Geddes, Mr. Richard Charles31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBedroom Steward
Gibbons, Mr. Jacob William36Studland, Dorset, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward11
Giles, Mr. John Robert30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBaker
Gill, Mr. Joseph Stanley34Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBedroom Steward49MB
Gill, Mr. Patrick38Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonShip's Cook
Gold, Mrs. Katherine (née Cook)42Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonStewardess11
Gollop, Mr. F.28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Passage Cook
Goshawk, Mr. Arthur James31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfast3rd Saloon Steward
Gregson, Miss Mary44Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonStewardess16
Gunn, Mr. Joseph Alfred28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Saloon Steward125{?}MB[20]
Guy, Mr. Edward John28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBoots5
Halford, Mr. Richard22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward15
Hall, Mr. F.A.J.38London, EnglandSouthamptonScullion
Hamblyn, Mr. Ernest William41Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBedroom Steward
Hamilton, Mr. Ernest25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastAssistant Smoke Room Steward
Harding, Mr. A.20Swaythling, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Pantry Steward
Hardwick, Mr. Reginald21Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonKitchen Porter11
Hardy, Mr. John T.37Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastChief 2nd Class StewardD
Harris, Mr. Charles William19Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward
Harris, Mr. Clifford Henry16Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBell Boy
Harris, Mr. Edward18Winchester, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Pantryman Steward
Harrison, Mr. Aragon D.40Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward9
Hart, Mr. John Edward31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthampton3rd Class Steward15
Hartnell, Mr. Frederick21Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward11
Hatch, Mr. Hugh22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonScullion
Hawkesworth, Mr. James38Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward
Hawkesworth, Mr. William Walter38Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonDeck Steward
Hayter, Mr. Arthur44Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBedroom Steward25MB
Heinen, Mr. Joseph30Lewisham, London, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward
Hendy, Mr. Edward Martin38Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward
Hensford, Mr. Herbert George29Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonButcher
Hewett, Mr. Thomas37Liverpool, Lancashire, EnglandBelfastBedroom Steward168MB
Hill, Mr. H.P.36Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward
Hill, Mr. James Colston38Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBedroom Steward152MB
Hinckley, Mr. George35Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBath Steward66MB
Hine, Mr. William Edward36Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBaker
Hiscock, Mr. S.22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonPlate Steward
Hoare, Mr. Leonard James21Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward
Hogg, Mr. Charles William37Liverpool, Lancashire, EnglandSouthamptonBedroom Steward
Hogue, Mr. E.22London, EnglandSouthamptonPlate Steward
Holland, Mr. Thomas28Liverpool, Lancashire, EnglandBelfastReception Steward
Holloway, Mr. Sidney20Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonClothes Presser273MB
Hopkins, Mr. F.16Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonPlate Steward
House, Mr. William38Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward
Howell, Mr. Arthur Albert31Itchen, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward319M
Hughes, Mr. William Thomas33Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward
Humby, Mr. Frederick16Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonPlate Steward
Humphreys, Mr. Thomas Humphrey31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Saloon Steward
Hutchinson, Mr. James29Liverpool, Lancashire, EnglandSouthamptonVegetable Cook250MB
Hyland, Mr. Leo James19Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward11
Ide, Mr. Harry John32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBedroom Steward
Ingrouille, Mr. Henry21Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward
Ings, Mr. William Ernest20Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonScullion
Jackson, Mr. Cecil29Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBoots
Janaway, Mr. William Frank35Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBedroom Steward
Jenner, Mr. Harry41Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward
Jensen, Mr. Charles Valdemar25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward
Jessop, Miss Violet Constance24London, EnglandSouthamptonStewardess16
Johnson Thorne, Mr. Harry25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Ship's Cook
Johnston, Mr. James41Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward2
Jones, Mr. Albert17Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward
Jones, Mr. Arthur Ernest38Woolston, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonPlate Steward
Jones, Mr. H.29Alresford, Essex, EnglandSouthamptonRoast Cook
Jones, Mr. Reginald V.20Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward
Joughin, Mr. Charles John32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastChief BakerB
Keen, Mr. Percy Edward28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward15
Kelland, Mr. Thomas21Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonLibrary Steward
Kennell, Mr. Charles30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonHebrew Cook
Kerley, Mr. William Thomas28Salisbury, Wiltshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Saloon StewardA333O
Ketchley, Mr. Henry30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward
Kieran, Mr. James W.32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonChief 3rd Class Steward
Kieran, Mr. Michael31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonStorekeeper
King, Mr. Alfred18Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonLift Steward238MB
King, Mr. Ernest Waldron28Clones, Monaghan, IrelandSouthamptonClerk321M
King, Mr. G.20Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonScullion
Kingscote, Mr. William Ford43Freemantle, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward
Kirkaldy, Mr. Thomas37Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBedroom Steward
Kitching, Mr. Arthur Alfred30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward
Klein, Mr. Herbert33Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBarber
Knight, Mr. George44Woolston, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward13
Knight, Mr. Leonard George21Bishopstoke, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward
Lacey, Mr. Bert W.21Salisbury, Wiltshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Saloon Steward44{?}MB[21]
Lake, Mr. William35Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward
Lane, Mr. Albert Edward34Woolston, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward
Latimer, Mr. Andrew L.55Liverpool, Lancashire, EnglandBelfastChief First Class Steward
Lavington, Miss Bessie39Winchester, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonStewardess11
Lawrence, Mr. Arthur25Rochford, Essex, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward90MB
Leader, Mr. Archie22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonConfectioner
Leather, Mrs Elizabeth May41Liverpool, Lancashire, EnglandSouthamptonStewardess16
Lefebvre, Mr. Paul Georges35Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward211v
Leonard, Mr. Matthew26Belfast, IrelandBelfastSteward
Levett, Mr. George Alfred21Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastAssistant Pantryman
Lewis, Mr. Arthur Ernest27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward15
Light, Mr. C.23Christchurch, Dorset, EnglandSouthamptonPlate Steward
Littlejohn, Mr. Alexander James40Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward13
Lloyd, Mr. Humphrey32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward57MB
Locke, Mr. A.33Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonScullion
Longmuir, Mr. John Dickson19Eastleigh, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Pantry Steward
Lovell, Mr. John38Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGrill Cook
Lucas, Mr. William34Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon StewardA
Lydiatt, Mr. Charles38Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward
Mabey, Mr. J.23Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward
Mackay, Mr. Charles Donald34Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward11
Mackie, Mr. George William34Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBedroom Steward
Major, Mr. Thomas Edgar35Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBath Steward
Mantle, Mr. Roland Frederick36Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward
Marks, Mr. J.26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Pantryman Steward
Marriott, Mr. J.W.20Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Pantryman Steward2MB
Marsden, Miss Evelyn28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonStewardess16
Martin, Mrs. Annie33Portsmouth, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonStewardess11
Martin, Mr. F.29Fareham, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonScullion13
Maynard, Mr. Isaac Hiram31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastEntre CookB
Maytum, Mr. Alfred52Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastChief Butcher141MB
McCarthy, Mr. Frederick36Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBedroom Steward
McCawley, Mr. Thomas W.36Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastGymnasium Steward
McElroy, Mr. Hugh Walter37Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonPurser157MB
McGrady, Mr. James27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward330A
McLaren, Mrs.40Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonStewardess5
McMicken, Mr. Arthur23Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward11
McMicken, Mr. Benjamin Tucker21Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSecond Pantry Steward
McMullin, Mr. James31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward
McMurray, Mr. William Ernest43Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBedroom Steward
Mellor, Mr. Arthur34Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward
Middleton, Mr. M.V.24London, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward
Mills, Mr. Christopher51Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonButcherC
Mishellamy, Mr. Abraham52Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastPrinter Steward
Moore, Mr. Alfred Ernest39Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward
Morgan (Bird), Mr. Charles Frederick42Birkenhead, Cheshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Storekeeper
Morris, Mr. Frank Herbert28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBathroom Steward14
Moss, Mr. William34Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfast1st Saloon Steward
Mullen, Mr. Thomas A.20Maxwelltown, Dumfries, ScotlandSouthamptonSteward323M
Neal, Mr. Henry25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBaker13
Nicholls, Mr. Sidney39Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward
Nichols, Mr. A. D.34Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward
Nichols, Mr. Walter Henry35Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward15
O'Connor, Mr. Thomas Peter39Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBedroom Steward
Olive, Mr. Ernest Roskelly28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonClothes Presser Steward
Orpet, Mr. Walter Hayward31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward
Orr, Mr. J.40Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Vegetable Cook
Osbourne, Mr. William Edward32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward
Owen, Mr. Lewis49Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Saloon Steward
Pacey, Mr. Reginald Ivan17Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonLift Steward
Paintin, Mr. James Arthur29Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonCaptain's Steward
Parsons, Mr. Edward35Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonChief Storekeeper
Parsons, Mr. Richard18Ashbrittle, Somerset, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward
Pearce, Mr. Alfred Ernest24Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward
Pearcey, Mr. Albert Victor32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonStewardC
Pennal, Mr. Thomas Francis33Shirley, Hampshire, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBath Steward
Penny, Mr. William Far30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Saloon Steward
Penrose, Mr. John Poole49Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBedroom Steward
Perkins, Mr. Laurence Alexander22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonTelephone Steward
Perrin, Mr. William Charles39Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBoots Steward
Perriton, Mr. Hubert Prouse31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward
Petty, Mr. Edwin Henry25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBedroom Steward82MB
Pfropper, Mr. Richard30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward9
Phillimore, Mr. Harold Charles William23Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward14
Phillips, Mr. John George "Jack"25Godalming, Surrey, EnglandBelfastTelegraphist
Platt, Mr. W.18Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastScullion
Pook, Mr. P.34Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastAssistant Pantry
Port, Mr. Frank32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSteward13
Porteus, Mr. Thomas32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastButcher
Prentice, Mr. Frank Winnold22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastStorekeeper4
Prichard, Mrs. Alice33Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastStewardess11
Prideaux, Mr. John Arthur "Jack"23Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSteward
Prior, Mr. Harold John21Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSteward11
Proctor, Mr. Charles40Liverpool, Lancashire, EnglandBelfastChef
Pryce, Mr. Charles William22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward
Pugh, Mr. Alfred20Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward14
Pusey, Mr. John E.35Itchen, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward
Randall, Mr. Frank Henry27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward
Ransom, Mr. James33Bristol, Avon, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward
Rattonbury, Mr. William Henry36Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastAssistant Boots Steward
Ray, Mr. Frederick Dent32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward13
Reed, Mr. Charles S.43Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBedroom Steward
Revell, Mr. William31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward
Rice, Mr. John Reginald25Crosby, Lancashire, EnglandSouthamptonClerk64MB
Rice, Mr. John Reginald25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward
Ricks, Mr. Cyril G.23Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonStorekeeper100MB
Ridout, Mr. W.29Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward
Rimmer, Mr. Gilbert27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward
Roberton, Mr. George Edward19Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Saloon Steward127MB
Roberts, Mr. Frank John36Farnborough, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastThird Butcher231MB
Roberts, Mr. Hugh H.40Bootle, Lancashire, EnglandSouthamptonBedroom Steward93MB
Roberts, Mrs. Mary Kezziah (née Humphrys)41Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward16
Robinson, Mrs. Annie 40Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonStewardess11
Robinson, Mr. James William30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward151MB
Rogers, Mr. Edward James William32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Storekeeper282MB
Rogers, Mr. Michael27Winchester, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward
Ross, Mr. Horace Leopold36Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonScullion13
Rowe, Mr. Edward M.31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon 1st Class Steward
Rule, Mr. Samuel James58Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastBathroom Steward15
Russell, Mr. Boysie Richard17Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward
Ryan, Mr. Tom27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthampton3rd Class Steward264{?}MB[22]
Ryerson, Mr. William Edwy32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward9
Samuel, Mr. Owen Wilmore41Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward217MB
Saunders, Mr. D. E.26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward
Savage, Mr. Charles J.23Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward11
Scott, Mr. John21Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBoots Steward
Scovell, Mr. Robert42Freemantle, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward
Sedunary, Mr. Sidney Francis25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthampton2nd Third Class Steward178MB
Shea, Mr. John39Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward11MB
Slight, Mr. Harry John35Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward21{?}MB[20]
Sloan, Miss Mary28 Belfast, Northern Ireland SouthamptonStewardess
Slocombe, Mrs Maud (née Waldon)30London, EnglandSouthamptonTurkish Bath Stewardess
Smillie, Mr. John38Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastSaloon Steward91MB
Smith, Mr. Charles Edward38Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBed Room Steward329MM
Smith, Mr. F20Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAssistant Pantryman Steward240{?}MBSee[20]
Smith, Miss Katherine E.42Southampton, Hampshire, England Southampton Stewardess
Snape, Mrs Lucy Violet22Witley, Surrey, England Southampton Stewardess
Stap, Miss Sarah Agnes47Birkenhead, Cheshire, England, England Southampton Stewardess
Stone, Mr. Edmond J.26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthampton1st class Bedroom Steward41MB[23]
Stone, Mr. Edward Thomas30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthampton1st class Bedroom Steward243MB[23]
Talbot, Mr. George Frederick Charles.27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSteward150MB
Taylor, Mr. William21Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonBoots Steward36{?}MB[20]
Teuton, Mr. Thomas Moore32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSaloon Steward226MB
Turner, Mr. Leopold[24]28Church Stretton, Shropshire, EnglandBelfastFirst Class Saloon Steward23MB
Veal, Mr. Thomas H.E.38Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFirst Class Saloon Steward
Wake, Mr. T.32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Baker
Wallis, Mrs Catherine Jane35Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSecond Class Matron
Walpole, Mr. James48Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandBelfastChief Pantryman
Walsh, Miss Catherine32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthampton Stewardess
Ward, Mr. Edward34Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFirst Class Bedroom Steward
Ward, Mr. Percy T.38Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFirst Class Bedroom Steward
Ward, Mr. William36Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFirst Class Saloon Steward9
Wareham, Mr. Robert Arthur36Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFirst Class Bedroom Steward246MB
Warwick, Mr. Thomas35Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFirst Class Saloon Steward
Weatherston, Mr. Thomas24Liverpool, Lancashire, EnglandBelfastFirst Class Saloon Steward
Weikman, Mr. Augustus Henry51Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFirst Class BarberA
White, Mr Edward Joseph27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGlory Hole Steward272MB
White, Mr. L.32Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFirst Class Saloon Steward
Whiteley, Mr. Thomas18London, EnglandSouthamptonFirst Class Saloon StewardB
Whitford, Mr. A.H.37Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSecond Class Slaoon Steward
Whittman, Mr. Henry34Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFirst Class Bedroom Steward315MB
Widgery, Mr. James G.37Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSecond Class Bath Steward9
Wildebank, Mr. Alfred E.39Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Cook13
Williams, Mr. Walter J.28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSecond Class Saloon Steward13
Willis, Mr. William66Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonThird Class Steward
Wiltshire, Mr. W.33Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Butcher
Witter, Mr. James W.C.31Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonSecond Class Smoking Room Steward11
Wood, Mr. J.T.40London, EnglandSouthamptonSecond Class Saloon Steward
Wormald, Mr. Frederick William36Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFirst Class Saloon Steward144MB
Wrapson, Mr. Frederick B.19Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Pantryman
Wright, Mr. Frederick24London, EnglandSouthamptonSquash Court Steward
Wright, Mr. William40Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonGlory Hole Steward13
Yearsley, Mr. Harry38Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFirst Class Saloon Steward9
Yoshack, Mr. James A.31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonFirst Class Saloon Steward

Restaurant staff

The À La Carte Restaurant Restaurant was located on B Deck, just below the fourth funnel. It was a private concession managed by A.P. Luigi Gatti, an Italian businessman who owned two other restaurants in London, as well as the À La Carte Restaurant Restaurant on the RMS Olympic. The restaurant was open from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm and was open only to First Class passengers. The staff were not paid by the White Star Line, but by Mr. Gatti himself, who was on the Titanic for its maiden voyage. The restaurant was self-sufficient with its own cooks, waiters, cleanup crew, and other staff. Most of the employees were French or Italian nationals.

Of the entire staff of 66 people, only one male clerk and two female cashiers survived. Several Titanic survivors indicated that the restaurant employees were locked in their quarters by the stewards to prevent them from rushing the lifeboats. It has never been confirmed whether this was true or not.[12]

Allaria, Mr. Battista Antonio30Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Waiter221MB
Aspeslagh, Mr. Georges26London, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Plateman
Banfi, Mr. Ugo24Finsbury, London, EnglandSouthamptonWaiter
Basilico, Mr. Giovanni27London, EnglandSouthamptonWaiter
Bazzi, Mr. Narciso33London, EnglandSouthamptonWaiter
Bernardi, Mr. Battista22Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Waiter215MB
Beux, Mr. David26London, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Waiter
Bietrix, Mr. George Baptiste28Lambeth, London, EnglandSouthamptonCook
Blument, Mr. Jean Baptiste26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonPantryman
Bochet, Mr. Pierre Giuseppe43London, EnglandSouthamptonWaiter
Bolhuis, Mr. Hendrik "Hennie"21Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonLarder Cook
Bowker, Miss Ruth27London, EnglandSouthamptonCashier6
Casali, Mr. Giulio27Soho, London, EnglandSouthamptonWaiter
Chaboisson, Mr. Adrien Finnin25London, EnglandSouthamptonRoast Cook
Cornaire, Mr. Marcel Raymond André19London, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Roast Cook
Coutin, Mr. Auguste Louis28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonEntrée Cook
Crovella, Mr. Luigi17Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Waiter
De Marsico, Mr. Giovanni20Soho, London, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Waiter
Debreucq, Mr. Maurice Emile Victor22London, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Waiter244MB
Desvernine, Mr. Louis Gabriel20London, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Pastry Cook
Donati, Mr. Italo Francesco17London, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Waiter311M
Dornier, Mr. Louis Auguste20Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Fish Cook
Fey, Mr. Carlo30London, EnglandSouthamptonScullion
Fioravante, Mr. Giuseppe Bertoldo23London, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Scullion
Gatti, Mr. Gaspare Antonio Pietro "Luigi"37Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonRestaurant Manager313M
Gilardino, Mr. Vincenzo Pio31Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonWaiter
Grosclaude, Mr. Gérald24London, EnglandSouthamptonWaiter
Jaillet, Mr. Henri Marie28London, EnglandSouthamptonPastry Cook277MB
Janin, Mr. Claude Marie29London, EnglandSouthamptonSoup Cook
Jeffery, Mr. William Alfred28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonController
Jouannault, Mr. Georges Jules24Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Sauce Cook
Martin, Miss Margaret Edwina "Mabel"20London, EnglandSouthamptonCashier6
Mattmann, Mr. Adolf20Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonIce Man
Maugé, Mr. Paul Achille Maurice Germain25Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonKitchen Clerk13
Monteverdi, Mr. Giovanni23London, EnglandSouthamptonCook
Mourous, Mr. Jean Javier20London, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Waiter27MB
Nannini, Mr. Francesco Luigi42London, EnglandSouthamptonHead Waiter
Pachera, Mr. Jean Baptiste Stanislas19Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Larder Cook
Pedrini, Mr. Alessandro21Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Waiter104MB
Peracchio, Mr. Alberto20Soho, London, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Waiter
Peracchio, Mr. Sebastiano17Soho, London, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Waiter
Perotti, Mr. Alfonso20London, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Waiter
Phillips, Mr. Walter John35Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonStorekeeper
Piatti, Mr. Luigi17London, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Waiter
Piazza, Mr. Pompeo30London, EnglandSouthamptonWaiter266MB
Poggi, Mr. Emilio28Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonWaiter301MB
Price, Mr. Ernest17London, EnglandSouthamptonBarman186MB
Ratti, Mr. Enrico21London, EnglandSouthamptonWaiter
Ricaldone, Mr. Rinaldo Renato22London, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Waiter
Rigozzi, Mr. Abele22London, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Waiter115MB
Rotta, Mr. Angelo Mario23London, EnglandSouthamptonWaiter
Rousseau, Mr. Pierre49London, EnglandSouthamptonChef
Saccaggi, Mr. Giovanni Giuseppe Emilio24London, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Waiter
Salussolia, Mr. Giovanni25London, EnglandSouthamptonGlass Man
Sartori, Mr. Lazar24London, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Glass Man
Scavino, Mr. Candido42London, EnglandSouthamptonCarver
Sesia, Mr. Giacomo24London, EnglandSouthamptonWaiter
Testoni, Mr. Ercole23London, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Glass Man
Tietz, Mr. Karl27Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonKitchen Porter
Turvey, Mr. Charles16London, EnglandSouthamptonPage Boy
Urbini, Mr. Roberto22London, EnglandSouthamptonWaiter
Valvassori, Mr. Ettore Luigi35London, EnglandSouthamptonWaiter
Vicat, Mr. Alphonse Jean Eugene21London, EnglandSouthamptonCook
Villvarlange, Mr. Pierre Léon Gabriel19Paris, FranceSouthamptonAsst. Soup Cook
Vine, Mr. H.18London, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Controller
Vioni, Mr. Roberto31London, EnglandSouthamptonWaiter
Voegelin-Dubach, Mr. Johannes35London, EnglandSouthamptonCoffee Maker
Zanetti, Mr. Minio20London, EnglandSouthamptonAsst. Waiter
Zarracchi, Mr. L.26Southampton, Hampshire, EnglandSouthamptonWine Butler

Postal clerks

The Titanic's five postal clerks—two British, three American—were charged with the supervision and processing of all incoming and outgoing mail on board the ship. On the night of the disaster, the five postal clerks were celebrating Oscar Woody’s 44th birthday. After the ship hit the iceberg, Jago Smith was sent to report to Captain Smith on the mailroom's conditions, confirming the knowledge that the ship was sinking.[25] The five clerks set themselves to the task of attempting to save the 200 registered mail sacks by hauling them to the upper decks, with little thought of their own safety. All five mail clerks died; only Starr and Wood's bodies were recovered.[26]

Gwinn, Mr. William Logan37New York City, USASouthamptonPostal Clerk
March, Mr. John Starr[27]50Newark, New Jersey, USASouthamptonPostal Clerk225MB
Smith, Mr. John Richard "Jago"[28]35Truro, EnglandSouthamptonPostal Clerk
Williamson, Mr. James Bertram[29]35Dublin, IrelandSouthamptonPostal Clerk
Woody, Mr. Oscar Scott44Clifton, Virginia, USASouthamptonPostal Clerk167MB

Guarantee group

Though the nine-member guarantee group were given passenger accommodation, they were also regarded as members of the crew. Headed by the ship's designer, Thomas Andrews, the group's responsibility was to accompany the ship on her maiden voyage to oversee any unfinished work or find and fix any problems that might arise during the voyage.[30] The entire group perished; none of their bodies were recovered.

Andrews, Mr. Thomas39FirstBelfast, IrelandBelfastShipbuilder
Campbell, Mr. William Henry[31]21SecondBelfast, IrelandBelfastJoiner
Chisholm, Mr. Roderick Robert Crispin[32]40FirstBelfast, IrelandBelfastDraughtsman
Cunningham, Mr. Alfred Fleming[33]21SecondBelfast, IrelandBelfastFitter
Frost, Mr. Anthony Wood "Artie"[34]37SecondBelfast, IrelandBelfastFitter
Knight, Mr. Robert J.[35]39SecondBelfast, IrelandBelfastFitter
Parkes, Mr. Francis "Frank"21SecondBelfast, IrelandBelfastPlumber
Parr, Mr. William Henry Marsh29FirstBelfast, IrelandBelfastElectrician
Watson, Mr. Ennis Hastings15SecondBelfast, IrelandBelfastElectrician's Apprentice

Ship's orchestra

The ship's eight-member orchestra were not on the White Star Line's payroll but were contracted to White Star by the Liverpool firm of C.W. & F.N. Black, which at that time placed musicians on almost all British liners.[36] The musicians boarded at Southampton and traveled as second-class passengers. Until the night of the sinking, the orchestra performed as two separate entities: a quintet led by violinist and official bandleader Wallace Hartley, that played at teatime, after-dinner concerts, and Sunday services, among other occasions; and a violin, cello, and piano trio comprising Roger Bricoux, George Krins, and Theodore Brailey, that played at the À La Carte Restaurant and the Café Parisien.[36][37] None of the orchestra members survived.

Name Age Hometown Position Body
Brailey, Theodore Ronald24London, EnglandPianist
Bricoux, Roger Marie20Cosne-sur-Loire, FranceCellist
Clarke, John Frederick Preston30Liverpool, Lancashire, EnglandBassist202MB
Hartley, Wallace33Colne, Lancashire, EnglandBandmaster, Violinist224MB
Hume, John Law21Dumfries, ScotlandViolinist193MB
Krins, Georges Alexandre23London, EnglandViolinist
Taylor, Percy Cornelius32London, EnglandCellist
Woodward, John Wesley32Oxford, EnglandCellist

First crew survivors to die

Last crew survivors to die

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