Creeping in My Soul (song)

"Creeping in My Soul"
Single by Cryoshell
from the album Cryoshell
Released December 1, 2009
Format Digital download
Recorded 2009
Hansen Studios - Ribe, Denmark
Length 3:59
  • Cryoshell I/S
  • VME
Producer(s) Jacob Hansen
Cryoshell singles chronology
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"Creeping in My Soul"
Music video
"Creeping in My Soul" on YouTube

"Creeping in My Soul" is a song by Danish rock band Cryoshell, released as the second single from their self-titled debut studio album on December 1, 2009.

Written by Mikkel Maltha and Anthony Lledo, the song was originally recorded before Cryoshell was initially formed and was used by toy manufacturer Lego for their Bionicle Barraki toy commercials in 2007, as well as the online mini-movie Creeps from the Deep.

Upon its original release, "Creeping in My Soul" proved to be popular with Bionicle's fan base and received a combined viewing figure of over one million across numerous videos on YouTube incorporating the song. It later became the number-one most downloaded file from the official Lego website and prompt the group to record subsequent songs for later Bionicle toy waves.

"Creeping in My Soul" was re-recorded in 2009 and produced by Jacob Hansen for Cryoshell's debut album, a music video followed the song's release as a single in April 2010.

The track is somewhat Cryoshell's most popular song among fans and has received positive reviews from music critics, many of which have compared it to the sound of American rock band Evanescence and applauded lead singer Christine Lorentzen on her vocalic style.

Background and recording

"Creeping in My Soul" was written by Mikkel Maltha and Anthony Lledo in late 2006. An earlier take of the track was used by The Lego Group after Maltha was contacted by them to write and produce a song as the soundtrack of their Barraki wave of Lego Bionicle construction toys, the production of which eventually lead to the formation of Cryoshell.

During production of the original version, Maltha, accompanied by fellow music composer and guitarist Kasper Søderlund and producer Eddie Simonsen, held auditions for who should provide vocals for it, and after sending five potential singers to The Lego Group's American headquarters to audition, the company chose Christine "Lore" Lorentzen (an employee of Advance, a creative agency linked with The Lego Group), whose vocals were eventually mixed onto the track.

In late 2008, Cryoshell announced that "Creeping in My Soul" would be re-recorded for their debut studio album with producer Jacob Hansen along with other tracks used by Lego, it was recorded in mid-2009 at Hansen Studios in Ribe, Denmark with producer Jacob Hansen and subsequently released the following December 1 as the second single from Cryoshell's debut album. It is featured as the album's opening track. The remix also features on the EP of the same name.

Promotion and media usage

The original version of "Creeping in My Soul" was used as the soundtrack to the Lego Bionicle Barraki toy wave of early 2007 and featured in much of the wave's commercials and promos as well as the subsequent online mini-movie Creeps from the Deep. The song itself was later released March 13, 2007 onto the official Bionicle website as a free MP3 download,[1] where it became an instant hit and charted as the #1 most downloaded file from the Lego website at its time of release. The song has also totalled over one million views across various videos on YouTube incorporating the song.

The remix of "Creeping in My Soul" and its music video were briefly featured on the Danish chart Boogie Mix on music channel Boogie TV in a playlist showcasing up-and-coming new talent in May 2010. "Creeping in My Soul" survived but for a few weeks, coming in at position #16 out of 20 and #17 a few weeks later, before being dropped from the playlist. This version of the song has also reportedly received airplay on alternative and rock radio stations across Denmark and North America.


"Creeping in My Soul" has received positive reviews from music critics. Upon the original version's release, "Creeping in My Soul" became an instant hit from the official Lego website and was praised by fans of Bionicle, the song soon became the number-one most downloaded file and eventually reached over one million views from various YouTube videos incorporating the song.

In a review of Cryoshell's debut album, Sputnikmusic described "Creeping in My Soul" as "a creepy, ambient piano song to hard rock reminiscent of Evanescence".[2] Album Check also compared to song to the sound of Evanescence, saying that "'Creeping in My Soul' boasts 'Bring Me to Life',"[3] while Enemy also made the connection to the former while making comparisons to Linkin Park.[4]

Music video

The music video for "Creeping in My Soul" was directed by Peter Hjort and shot in and around a country house in rural Denmark on December 9, 2009, it premiered on Cryoshell's official YouTube channel on April 19, 2010. The video is loosely based on the 2001 thriller film The Others.


The song begins as the video opens with a landscape shot of the rural country house, with lead singer Christine Lorentzen in a white dress lying on a four-poster bed inside. Pianist Mikka Maltha's hands are seen playing the piano, while Lorentzen is next seen singing the first verse into the camera in a black room. This particular sequences recur throughout the rest of the video.

The house is shown again as the shot pans back to see an old bike and doll lying on the grass, a swing attached from a tree, and the lower half of a 'little girl' dressed in a white skirt. The first chorus is heard as Lorentzen walks down a hallway and video projections of her singing and guitarist Kasper Søderlund playing are projected on the wall as the camera pans round to the other end; just catching Lorenzten walking off. The projections, later featuring drummer Jacob Gundel, also become a recurring shot in the video upon certain objects and features.

Prior to the second verse, Lorentzen walks down a staircase while Maltha is seen laying in a pool of blue gel scattered with brown leaves as he raps a short verse. Lorentzen looks out from one of the mansion's windows to see the little girl running in the grass, the next scene features Lorentzen's mirror reflection singing back to her, with a second mirror showing an alternative reflection of her. The girl is next seen interacting with mannequin dolls within the house at a and treating them as if they were real people by lounging and watching television with one, brushing another hair and sitting with two at a dining room table.

Next, Maltha raps the bridge of the song as his head slowly emerges from the gel compound. The last chorus beings with seeing Lorentzen running through a hallway. She then smashes a wine glass onto the dining room table before walking outside in search of the girl. Strolling bare-foot through a muddy forest, she sees the girl sitting in the middle of a clearing with her arms raised as it begins to rain. By the end of the chorus, she is seen crying by at the foot of a tree as Lorentzen offers the girl her hand. The video ends with the pair holding hands and walking off further into the forest as the shot slowly pans upward to the sky.

Track listing

Digital download

Credits and personnel

Release history

Region Date Format Label
Worldwide March 13, 2007 (original version) Free MP3 download Christine Lorenzten
December 1, 2009 Digital download
  • Cryoshell I/S
  • VME


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