Crazy Eights (film)

Crazy Eights

Crazy Eights film poster
Directed by Jimi Jones
Produced by Dan DeLuca
Brian J. Gilbert
Vicky Clark Jennings
Jimi Jones
John Kaila
Kurt Uebersax
Rick Whealen
Written by Dan DeLuca
Jimi Jones
Ji-un Kwon (contributing writer)
Starring Dina Meyer
George Newbern
Traci Lords
Frank Whaley
Gabrielle Anwar
Dan DeLuca
Music by Olivier Glissant
C. Eric
Nick Nolan
Distributed by After Dark Films Lions Gate
Release dates
  • October 31, 2006 (2006-10-31)
Running time
80 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Crazy Eights is a 2006 B-grade horror film that follows the story of six companions as they fill the last request of a dead friend. The film is distributed by the After Dark Horrorfest which annually releases an eight-part movie collection that typically is likened towards the movie genres of horror and thriller, Crazy Eights being part of the 2007 series released by the movie collection.


Eight friends - Lola, Angie, Brextin "Brexit", Florence, Bradley, Randy, Stacy, and Bryan - throw a party. Bryan gets upset when Bradley flirts with Lola, his girlfriend, Randy and Angie have sex, and the bisexual Florence dumps Stacy to hook up with Brexit. Bradley and Lola walk off to have sex, but Lola changes her mind and returns to the party, only to find that Bryan has left with Stacy. Bradley also leaves the party and Lola, left alone in the living room, is violently stabbed to death. The police clear all seven friends for her murder and the crime remains unsolved.

Two years later, Bryan is killed in a car accident. The other six friends reunite for his funeral. Florence and Brexit are engaged, Angie is a lawyer, Stacy is an investigative journalist, and Randy and Bradley have new girlfriends, Sorrel and Riley. They are informed by Jake, the executor of Bryan's will, and Bryan's sister Lana, that his last wish was to have his ashes spread in a river located deep in the woods. The six friends plus Sorrel, Riley, Jake, Lana, Stacy's cameraman Andy, and Randy's brother Tyler, enter the woods.

During the ash spreading ceremony, Riley cheats on Bradley with Tyler, but Bryan appears and kills both with an axe. Sorrel gets separated from the others and is strangled by Lola. She later reunites with the others and has sex with Randy, but impales him through the neck on a branch midway through sex, killing him. Andy is also hanged from a tree. Lana sees Bryan in the woods and she and Jake investigate. Stacy witnesses Bryan hacking Jake and Lana to death with a machete. Stacy tries to warn the others, but is forced to hide before she can get back to camp.

Back at camp, Bradley, Florence, Brexit, and Angie are confronted by Bryan and Lola. They are frozen in shock until Riley appears and decapitates Bradley. Angie ditches the others and manages to find a road. She encounters Randy in a truck and they drive back to the city. Randy and Angie stop at a motel and Randy convinces her to have sex with him. However, Randy reveals himself to be dead while they are having sex and brutally beats Angie before throwing her over a balcony. Angie survives and tries to crawl to the truck, but she is raped and killed by Randy and Tyler.

Florence and Brexit are cornered by several of their friends, but they are saved by Stacy, who manages to fend them off. Stacy, Brexit and Florence try to find their way out of the forest, but they become trapped in a temple and surrounded by the dead versions of their companions. Stacy determines from the cave paintings inside the temple that they can escape if they burn the spirits alive. Florence becomes separated and Brexit and Stacy find an exit, but Brexit does not want to light the fire because Florence is still inside. However, Stacy convinces him that they have no choice and they light the fire anyway, burning alive the spirits of Lola, Bryan, Tyler, Riley, Sorrel, Randy, Andy, Lana, Jake, Bradley, and Angie.

Back in the woods, Brexit spots Florence. He rushes over to her, but she is revealed to be a spirit and rips his head off. Stacy flees in panic and makes her way to the road, where she is able to hitch a ride back to the city from a family. One year later, Stacy writes about the experience on her blog, and notes that the fact that still chills her is that the spirits of Florence and Brexit are still out there and may potentially come after her one day. The film ends by showing an unseen person stumbling onto the same road in the forest and violently killing a trucker who pulls over.[1]



James K. Jones directed this film, one of three he has directed. Other works he has directed are the film "The Wreck" and a television series called "Psychic Detectives".[2] Dan DeLuca was the main producer and writer of the film. Dan DeLuca has also produced other films besides "Crazy Eights", including "The Night Watchmen," "On The Wing," "Two-Minute Heist" and "The Jersey Devil". He was also named as associate director of a television documentary series called "Mouthpiece: Voice for the Accused".

The film was released in select theaters on Friday, November 9, 2007.[2] The film was placed in to the following movie genres by Yahoo! Movies: Horror, Thriller[2]

This film received the rating "R" for violence, disturbing images and language by the Motion Picture Association of America.[2] The film runs for a total of 1 hour and 20 minutes, or 80 minutes [2] The film was distributed by After Dark Films.[2] The film was produced in the United States.[2]


Part of the After Dark Horrorfest film series "8 Films to Die For".[1]



The film has received mixed to negative reviews from critics.

A reviewer for the website Dread Central expressed disappointment with the film's plot, recommending that viewers "forget everything about the plot and enjoy the visuals".[3] Brent McKnight, a reviewer for online magazine PopMatters, expressed a slightly more negative view when reviewing the film upon its release to home video, summarizing "With no real plot, and no real characters, Crazy Eights is a weak, toothless attempt at a horror film".[4]

Rotten Tomatoes currently has no Tomatometer ranking for the film, accounting for three reviews by film critics who gave the film a "rotten" verdict and a rating of 19% likability among the site's users.

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