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The Crawford Medal is a vermeil medal awarded by the Royal Philatelic Society London for the most valuable and original contribution to the study and knowledge of philately published in book form during the relevant period.[1]

The medal is named after James Lindsay, 26th Earl of Crawford, who by the time of his death in 1913 had amassed the greatest philatelic library of his time.[2]

Other society medals

The society also awards these silver medals:

List of winners of the Crawford Medal

1920 Hugo Griebert The Stamps of Spain 1850-1854
1921 Sir Edward Denny Bacon KCVO The Line Engraved Postage Stamps of Great Britain
1922 Charles Nissen and Bertram McGowan The Plating of the Penny Black Postage Stamp of Great Britain, 1840
1923 Charles Lathrop Pack Victoria: The half-Length Portraits and the Twopence Queen Enthroned
1924 Lieut. Colonel G.S.F. Napier The Stamps of the First Issue of Brazil
1925 Dr. Justus Anderssen and Henrik Dethloff Norges Frimerker 1855-1924
1927 F. J. Peplow The Postage Stamps of Buenos Aires
1928 C. F. Dendy Marshall The British Post Office from its Beginning to the End of 1925
1929 A.M. Tracey Woodward The Postage Stamps of Japan and Dependencies
1930 Dr. Carroll Chase The 3¢ Stamp of the United States 1851-57 Issue
1931 Gilbert J. Allis Cape of Good Hope: Its Postal History and Postage Stamps
1932 E. A. Smythies and Captain D. R. Martin The Four Annas Lithographed Stamps of India, 1854-55
1933 E.J. Lee The Postage Stamps of Uruguay
1934 Dr. Emilio Diena I Francbolli del Regno di Napoli
1935 Carl Schmidt Die Postwertzeichen der Russischen Landschaftsaemter
1936 Dr. Herbert Munk Kohl Briefmarken-Handbuch
1937 Stanley Bryan Ashbrook The United States Ten Cent Stamp of 1851-57
1938 Max G. Johl United States Stamps of the 20th Century, Vol. IV
1939 Dr H. Osborne Great Britain, Twopence Plate Nine. A Study of the Plate and its Repairs
1940 J.H. Curle and A.E. Basden Transvaal Postage Stamps
1944 A. A. Jurgens The Handstruck Letter Stamps of the Cape of Good Hope from 1792 to 1853 and the Postmarks from 1853 to 1910
1945 Prescott Holden Thorp The Stamped Envelopes and Wrappers of the United States and Possessions
1947 Winthrop Smillie Boggs The Postage Stamps and Postal history of Canada
1948 A. Tort Nicolau Guia del Coleccionista de Sellos de Correos de España 1855-69
1949 Dr. F.E. Wood Straits Settlements Postage Stamps
1950 L.E. Dawson The One Anna and Two Annas Postage Stamps of India 1854-55
1951 D. Alan Stevenson The Triangular Stamps of Cape of Good Hope
1952 J. Schmidt-Andersen The Postage Stamps of Denmark 1851-1951
1953 Sir John Wilson Bart CVO The Royal Philatelic Collection
1954 J. R. W. Purves The Half Lengths of Victoria
1956 The Royal Philatelic Society of New Zealand The Postage Stamps of New Zealand Vol III
1958 John Easton The De La Rue History of British and Foreign Postage Stamps 1855-1901
1959 Dr. W.R. Forrester-Wood The Stamps and Postal History of Sarawak
1960 S.D. Tchilinghirian and W.S.E. Stephen Stamps of the Russian Empire Used Abroad (Published in multiple parts)
1961 Dr. Mohamed Dadkhah The Lion Stamps of Persia
1962 Nicholas Argenti The Postage Stamps of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia
1963 Dr. W.R.D. Wiggins The Postage Stamps of Great Britain Part II
1964 Dr. Joseph Schatzkés The Cancellations of Mexico 1856-74
1965 Joaquín Galvez Naranjo Los Primeros Sellos de Chile 1853 a 1867
1966 Dr. S. Ichida The Cherry Blossom Issues of Japan 1872-1876
1967 The Federation of Hungarian Philatelic Societies A Magyar Belyagek Monografiaja: Vols I, II and V
1968 No award.
1969 International Society of Guatemala Collectors Guatemala Volume I Postal History and Stamps to Mid 1902
1970 No award.
1971 No award.
1972 George E. Hargest History of Letter Post Communication between the United States and Europe, 1845-1875
1973 Raymond Salles Encyclopaedie de la Poste Maritime Française Historique et Catalogue (Vols I-VIII)
1974 Robson Lowe Encyclopaedia of British Empire Postage Stamps (Volume V)
1975 G.C. van Balen Blanken and Bert Buurman The Netherlands - Plating of the 1852 5 cent and 10 cent values (multiple volumes 1968-77)
1976 Archibald G.M. Batten The Orange Free State - its Postal Offices and their Markings 1868-1910
1977 No award.
1978 A. Ronald Butler The Departmental Stamps of South Australia
1979 Örjan Lüning Luftpostens historia i Norden - The history of airmail in Scandinavia
1980 Harold W. Fisher The Plating of the Penny (Volumes I-IV)
1981 Marcus Samuel and Dr. Alan K. Huggins Specimen Stamps and Stationery of Great Britain
1982 Sigurd Ringström and Henry E. Tester The Private Ship Letter Stamps of the World (Parts I and II)
1983 Dr. Anton Jerger Handbooks on Austrian Lombardy-Venetia
1984 Armando Mário O. Vieira Classicos de Relevo de Portugal
1985 Paolo Vollmeier Storia Postale del Regno di Sardegna dalle Origini all'Introduzione del Francobollo
1986 Prof. Carlrichard Brühl Geschichte der Philatelie: Volumes I and II
1987 No award.
1988 Gary S. Ryan The Cancellations of Hungarian Post Offices on the First Issue of Hungary 1867-1871
1989 Adolph Koeppel and Raymond D. Manners The Court Fee and Revenue Stamps of the Princely States of India (Volumes I and II)
1990 Dr. Nino Aquila I Francobolli Degli Ultimi Re
1991 Peter M. Ibbotson The Postal History and Stamps of Mauritius
1992 J. Michael and P. Jane Moubray British Letter Mail to Overseas Destinations 1840-1875
1993 Jack F. Ince and S. John Sacher The Postal Services of the British Nigeria Region
1994 James van der Linden Catalogue des Marques de Passage
1995 H.E. Walker and J.H. Coles Postal Cancellations of the Ottoman Empire: Parts 1 to 4
1996 Paolo Vollmeier and Vittorio Mancini Storia Postale del Regno di Napoli dalle Origini all'Introdzione del Francobollo
1997 No award.
1998 Peter E. Fernbank King George V Key Plates of the Imperium Postage and Revenue Design
1999 Hugh V. Feldman Letter Receivers of London 1652-1857: A History of their Offices and Handstamps within the General, Penny and Twopenny Posts
2000 Professor Peter A. S. Smith Egypt - Stamps and Postal History - A Philatelic Treatise
2001 G.C. Akerman and Gavin H. Fryer The Reform of the Post Office in the Victorian Era and Its Impact on Economic and Social Activity
2002 Dr. Ulrich Ferchenbauer Österreich 1850-1918
2003 F. Heimbuchler Rumanien/Romania: Furstentum Walachei 1820-1862, Vereinige Füstentümer 1862-1872

(Principality of Wallachia 1820-1862, United Principalities 1862-1872 (Completing the work started with the author’s Romania: The Bull’s Heads of Moldavia, 1852-1862)

2004 Claude J.P. Delbeke Nederlandse Scheepspost, II, Nederland en det Westen 1600-1900 (Completing the work started with the author's Nederlandse Scheepspost, I, Nederland - Oost-Indie 1600-1900)
2005 Robert P. Odenweller The Stamps and Postal History of Nineteenth Century Samoa
2006 Bryan Kearsley Discovering Seahorses – King George V High Values
2007 No award.
2008 David A. Stotter The British Post Office Service in Morocco 1907-57
2009 Eric Yendall King George VI Large Key Type Revenue and Postage High Value Stamps 1937-1953
2010 Michèle Chauvet Introduction à l'Histoire Postale (de France)
2011 Robert P. Odenweller The Postage Stamps of New Zealand 1855-1873: The Chalon Head Issues [3]
2012 David Tett A Postal History of the Prisoners of War and Civilian Internees in East Asia During the Second World War: Volumes 1 to 5
2013 Kees Adema Netherlands Mail in Times of Turmoil: Volumes 1, 2 and 3
2014 Peter van der Molen Swaziland Philately to 1968
2015 Kenneth Scudder Queensland Postage Stamps 1879-1912
2016 Steven C. Walske and Richard Frajola Mails of the Westward Expansion, 1803–1861

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