County of Normanby


Location in Victoria
Lands administrative divisions around Normanby:
Follett Dundas Villiers
Follett Normanby Villiers
Bass Strait Bass Strait Bass Strait

The County of Normanby in Victoria, is one of the 37 counties of Victoria which are part of the cadastral divisions of Australia, used for land titles. The county is in the Western District of Victoria bounded by the Glenelg River in the west and the Eumeralla River in the east, by a line through Casterton and Hamilton in the north, and by Bass Strait (Portland Bay) to the south. Larger towns include Hamilton, Portland and Heywood. The county was proclaimed in 1853.


Parishes within the county:

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Coordinates: 37°59′S 141°40′E / 37.983°S 141.667°E / -37.983; 141.667

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