County of Moers

County of Moers
Grafschaft Moers
State of the Holy Roman Empire
before 1160–1798

Coat of arms

Map of the County of Moers
Capital Moers
Languages Dutch, Cleverländisch
Religion Roman-Catholic, from 1560 Protestant
Government County,
from 1706 Principality
Historical era Middle Ages
   Established before 1160
   Disestablished 1798

The County of Moers (German: Grafschaft Moers) was a historical princely territory on the left bank of the Lower Rhine that included the towns of Moers and Krefeld as well as the surrounding villages and regions. Although the county was legally dissolved as far back as 1797/1801, the names of communal institutions and local firms often incorporate the word Grafschafter ("comital") which harks back to the County of Moers.




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