County of Grey

South Australia

Dolomite formations in Tantanoola Caves within the Hundred of Hindmarsh
Coordinates 37°39′S 140°38′E / 37.65°S 140.64°E / -37.65; 140.64Coordinates: 37°39′S 140°38′E / 37.65°S 140.64°E / -37.65; 140.64
Established 1846
Area 5,294 km2 (2,044.0 sq mi)
LGA(s) City of Mount Gambier
District Council of Grant
Wattle Range Council
Lands administrative divisions around Grey:
Ocean Robe Lowan (VIC)
Ocean Grey Follett (VIC)
Ocean Ocean Normanby (VIC)

The County of Grey is one of the 49 counties of South Australia. It was proclaimed in 1846 by Governor Frederick Robe and named for former Governor George Grey.[1] It covers the extreme south-east of the state from Penola and Lake George southwards.[1] This includes the following contemporary local government areas of the state:


The County of Grey is divided into the following 21 hundreds:


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