County of Buln Buln

Buln Buln

Location in Victoria
Lands administrative divisions around Buln Buln:
Evelyn Tanjil Tanjil
Mornington Buln Buln Tasman Sea
Bass Strait Bass Strait Bass Strait

The County of Buln Buln is one of the 37 counties of Victoria which are part of the cadastral divisions of Australia, used for land titles. It was first proclaimed in government gazette on 24 Feb 1871 together with others from the Gipps Land District.[1] It includes Wilsons Promontory, and the Victorian coast from around Venus Bay in the west to Lake Wellington in the east. Sale is near its north-eastern edge. Some time earlier maps showed proposed counties of Bass, Douro, and part of Haddington and Bruce occupying the area of Buln Buln.


Parishes include:

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Coordinates: 38°30′S 146°50′E / 38.500°S 146.833°E / -38.500; 146.833

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