Countess Elisabeth of Leuchtenberg

Countess Elisabeth of Leuchtenberg
Spouse(s) John VI of Nassau-Dillenburg
Noble family Leuchtenberg
Father George III, Landgrave of Leuchtenberg
Mother Margravine Barbara of Brandenburg-Ansbach-Kulmbach
Born March 1537
Died 6 July 1579(1579-07-06)

Elisabeth of Leuchtenberg (born: March 1537- died: 6 July 1579 in Dillenburg) was the daughter of Landgrave George III of Leuchtenberg and Margravine Barbara of Brandenburg-Ansbach.

Marriage and issue

Elisabeth was the first wife of John VI of Nassau-Dillenburg, son of William "the Rich" of Nassau en Juliana of Stolberg. She married on 6 June 1559 at Dillenburg Castle. They had thirteen children:

Elisabeth died in 1579. After her death, John VI had two later marriages.

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