Countess Elisabeth Dobržensky de Dobrženicz

Elisabeth Maria
Countess of Dobržensky
Born (1875-12-07)7 December 1875
Chotěboř, Bohemia, Austria-Hungary
(now the Czech Republic)
Died 11 July 1951(1951-07-11) (aged 75)
Sintra, Portugal
Burial Cathedral of São Pedro de Alcântara, Petrópolis, Brazil
Spouse Pedro de Alcântara, Prince of Grão-Pará
Issue Princess Isabelle, Countess of Paris
Prince Pedro Gastão
Princess Maria Francisca, Duchess of Braganza
Prince João Maria
Princess Teresa
Father Johan-Wenzel, Count Dobržensky de Dobrženicz
Mother Baroness Elizabeth Kottulinsky de Kottulin et Krzižkowitz
Religion Roman Catholicism

Countess Elisabeth Maria Dobržensky de Dobrženicz (Czech: hraběnka Alžběta Dobřenská z Dobřenic; 7 December 1875 – 11 June 1951) was the daughter of Johan-Wenzel (Jan Václav), Count Dobržensky de Dobrženicz and his wife, Countess Elisabeth Kottulinsky, Baroness de Kottulin et Krzižkowitz.[1]

She had three elder brothers Jan, Otokar and Jaroslav and a younger brother named Karl Kunata. Karl Kunata renamed himself to Count Kottulinský in Austria in 1905; late in 1912, he married Countess Maria Theresia von Meran, member of a morganatic branch of the House of Habsburg-Lorraine).[1][2]

Elisabeth married Pedro de Alcântara, Prince of Grão Para on 14 November 1908 at Versailles, who had previously renounced his hereditary claim to the crown of Brazil because she was not of royal birth.[1][2] They had five children:[1]

Elisabeth died on 11 June 1951 at the age of 75. She was buried with Pedro.



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