Countess Charlotte Brabantina of Nassau

Countess Charlotte Brabantina
Duchess consort of Thouars

Countess Charlotte Brabantina of Nassau
Spouse(s) Claude de La Trémoille


Henry de La Trémoille
Charlotte de La Trémoille
Élisabeth de La Trémoille
Frédéric de La Trémoille, comte de Laval
Noble family House of Orange-Nassau (by birth)
House of La Trémoille (by marriage)
Father William the Silent
Mother Charlotte of Bourbon
Born 17 September 1580
Died August 1631 (aged 5051)

Countess Charlotte Brabantina of Nassau (Antwerp, 17 September 1580 Château-Renard, August 1631) was the fifth daughter of William the Silent and his third spouse, Charlotte of Bourbon.



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