Counts of Comminges

Coat of arms of the ancient counts of Comminges: Argent, a cross patty gules.[1] · .[2]
The modified coat of arms of the counts of Comminges since the 17th century: Gules four otelles Argent addorsed in saltire..[1][3]

This is a list of counts of the County of Comminges.

Counts of Comminges

House of Comminges

The County of Comminges was divided up for a short while, and was co-ruled.

The County of Comminges was reunited under a single count.

At the death of Mathieu of Foix in 1453, Comminges was reunited to the French crown by King Charles VII of France.

House of Lescun

In 1462, the king of France Louis XI detached the county of Comminges from the royal domain and gave it to his friend.

House of Aydie

At the death of John of Lescun in 1472, the county of Comminges passed to:

In 1498, at the death of Odet of Aydie, who did not have a son, king Louis XII of France definitely reunited the county of Comminges to the French crown. The descendants of Odet of Aydie's daughter continued to carry the title of count of Comminges.

House of Foix-Lautrec

House of La-Barthe

House of Comminges-Guitaut

House of Comminges-Lastronque

House of Comminges-Saint-Lary


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