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The Council of Paris (Conseil de Paris) is the deliberative body responsible for the governing of Paris, the capital of France. It possesses simultaneously the powers of a Paris City Council (Conseil municipal) and those of a General Council for the Département de Paris, as defined by the so-called PLM Law (Loi PLM) of 1982 that redefined the governance of Paris, Lyons, and Marseilles. Paris is, in effect, the only city in France to be, at one time, a commune (city or town) and a département (county, shire, or state), and this arrangement has been a fact even longer, since the passage of the law of 10 July 1964 which totally reorganized the Paris region.

The mayor of Paris presides over the Council of Paris and therefore holds in her hands the powers of mayor and of president of the departmental council. There are presently 163 councillors for Paris.

The 'hybrid' government

Each of the arrondissements of Paris has a directly elected council (conseil d'arrondissement), which, in turn, elects an arrondissement mayor. A selection of members from each arrondissement council form the Council of Paris (Conseil de Paris), the body which elects the mayor of Paris.

Although the history of Paris is long, that of its municipal government, in its present form, is less than half a century old. Paris and its environs were always governed directly by the highest French polity of the time: the Crown before the French Revolution, and a state-appointed préfet (governing the Seine département) afterwards. The office of mayor of Paris existed for brief periods during the 18th and 19th centuries, but it was not an institution of government before 1977.

Although Paris has a double role as a commune and as a département, it has a unique method for governing both; the Council of Paris, with the Mayor of Paris as its president, meets either as a municipal council (conseil municipal) or as a departmental council (conseil général) depending on the issue to be debated.

The modern administrative organization of Paris still retains some traces of its previous incarnation as the government of the Seine département. The Préfecture de Police (which also has authority over the fire brigades of Paris), for example, has still a jurisdiction extending to the petite couronne (small corona or halo) of Paris, the three bordering départements (Seine-Saint-Denis, Hauts de Seine, and Val de Marne) for some operations such as fire protection and rescue operations, and the Préfecture de Police is still directed by France's national government. Paris has no municipal police force, although it does have its own brigade of traffic wardens.

Councillors elected for the 2008-2014 term

Name Party Affiliation Arrondissement
Berthout, Florence UMP 1st
Dagoma, Seybah PS 1st
Legaret, Jean-François UMP 1st
Boutault, Jacques EELVA 2nd
Schapira, Pierre PS 2nd
Wieviorka, Sylvie PS 2nd
Aidenbaum, Pierre PS 3rd
Caron-Thibault, Gauthier PS 3rd
Montacié, Camille PS 3rd
Bertinotti, Dominique PS 4th
Girard, Christophe PS 4th
Roger, Vincent UMP 4th
Bach, Marie-Chantal UMP 5th
Cohen-Solal, Lyne PS 5th
Saint-Étienne, Christian Centre et indépendants 5th
Tibéri, Jean UMP 5th
Bertrand, Geneviève Centre et indépendants 6th
Lecoq, Jean-Pierre UMP 6th
Lévy, Romain PS 6th
Dati, Rachida UMP 7th
Dauvergne, Emmanuelle UMP 7th
Dumont, Michel UMP 7th
Namy-Caulier, Martine UMP 7th
Pozzo di Borgo, Yves Centre et indépendants 7th
Lebel, François UMP 8th
Lellouche, Pierre UMP 8th
Merigot de Treigny, Martine UMP 8th
Bravo, Jacques PS 9th
Bürkli, Delphine UMP 9th
Morel, Claire PS 9th
Véron, Pauline PS 9th
Asmani, Lynda Centre et indépendants 10th
Dubarry, Véronique EELVA 10th
Féraud, Rémi PS Xe
Gaudillère, Bernard PS Xe
Lhostis, Alain PC Xe
Trostiansky, Olga PS Xe
Assouline, Daniel PS XIe
Bidard, Hélène PC XIe
Bloche, Patrick PS XIe
Boistard, Pascale PS XIe
Capelle, Liliane PS XIe
Ducloux, Philippe PS XIe
Errecart, Maïté PS XIe
Flam, Mireille PS XIe
Sarre, Georges Non inscrit XIe
Tissot, Claude-Annick UMP XIe
Vauglin, François PS XIe
Blumenthal, Michèle PS XIIe
Charnoz, Sandrine PS XIIe
Corbière, Alexis PG XIIe
Missika, Jean-Louis PS XIIe
Montandon, Valérie UMP XIIe
Najdovski, Christophe EELVA XIIe
Rey, Gérard UMP XIIe
Sautter, Christian PS XIIe
Taïeb, Karen PS XIIe
Vieu-Charier, Catherine PC XIIe
Barthe, Marie-Annick PS XIIIe
Becker, Emmanuelle PC XIIIe
Bros, Jean-Bernard PS XIIIe
Contassot, Yves EELVA XIIIe
Coumet, Jérôme PS XIIIe
Cuignache-Gallois, Edith Centre et indépendants XIIIe
de La Gontrie, Marie-Pierre PS XIIIe
Julliard, Bruno PS XIIIe
Lang, Anne-Christine PS XIIIe
Le Guen, Jean-Marie PS XIIIe
Moine, Philippe PS XIIIe
Olivier, Annick PS XIIIe
Trémège, Patrick UMP XIIIe
Arrouze, Aline PC XIVe
Carrère-Gée, Marie-Claire UMP XIVe
Cherki, Pascal PS XIVe
Christienne, Odette PS XIVe
Dutrey, René EELVA XIVe
Martins, Jean-François Non inscrit (MoDem) XIVe
Mercier, Étienne[1] PS XIVe
Polski, Olivia PS XIVe
Pourtaud, Danièle PS XIVe
Sanches Ruivo, Hermano PS XIVe
Alayrac, Gilles PS XVe
Bruno, Catherine Centre et indépendants XVe
Charon, Pierre UMP XVe
Cherioux de Soultrait, Joëlle UMP XVe
Courtois, Daniel-Georges UMP XVe
d'Aboville, Gérard UMP XVe
Dargent, Claude PS XVe
de Clermont-Tonnerre, Claire UMP XVe
Destrem, Alain UMP XVe
Goujon, Philippe UMP XVe
Hidalgo, Anne PS XVe
Lalem, Fatima PS XVe
Lamour Jean-François UMP XVe
Macé de Lepinay, Hélène UMP XVe
Menguy, Jean-Baptiste UMP XVe
Poirault-Gauvin, Géraldine UMP XVe
Tachene, Anne Centre et Indépendants XVe
Alphand, David UMP XVIe
Auriacombe, Pierre UMP XVIe
Boulay-Esperonnier, Céline UMP XVIe
Debré, Bernard UMP XVIe
Dreyfuss, Laurence UMP XVIe
Gaboriau, Pierre UMP XVIe
Giazzi, Danièle UMP XVIe
Goasguen, Claude UMP XVIe
Harel, Marie-Laure UMP XVIe
Helard, Éric Centre et indépendants XVIe
Hoffenberg, Valérie UMP XVIe
Mano, Jean-Yves PS XVIe
Sachs, Valérie Centre et indépendants XVIe
Benessiano, Hervé UMP XVIIe
Berthault, Jean-Didier UMP XVIIe
Coudert, Thierry UMP XVIIe
de Panafieu, Françoise UMP XVIIe
Douvin, Laurence UMP XVIIe
Dubus, Jérôme Centre et indépendants XVIIe
Dumas, Catherine UMP XVIIe
Gachet, Isabelle PS XVIIe
Gasnier, Fabienne Centre et indépendants XVIIe
Klugman, Patrick PS XVIIe
Kuster, Brigitte UMP XVIIe
Lepetit, Annick PS XVIIe
Stein, Richard UMP XVIIe
Bournazel, Pierre-Yves UMP XVIIIe
Bouygues, Claudine PS XVIIIe
Brossat, Ian PC XVIIIe
Caffet, Jean-Pierre PS XVIIIe
Decorte, Roxane UMP XVIIIe
Delanoë, Bertrand PS XVIIIe
El Khomri, Myriam PS XVIIIe
Fournier, Danielle EELVA XVIIIe
Garel, Sylvain EELVA XVIIIe
Goldgrab, Laurence PS XVIIIe
Guillot, Didier PS XVIIIe
Le Strat, Anne PS XVIIIe
Pigeon, Frédérique PS XVIIIe
Vaillant, Daniel PS XVIIIe
Brossel, Colombe PS XIXe
Dagnaud, François PS XIXe
Filoche, Léa PS XIXe
Giannesini, Jean-Jacques UMP XIXe
Jemni, Halima PS XIXe
Madec, Roger PS XIXe
Markovitch, Daniel PS XIXe
Onghena, Anne-Constance UMP XIXe
Peninou, Mao PS XIXe
Richard, Firmine PS XIXe
Stievenard, Gisèle PS XIXe
Vuillermoz, Jean PC XIXe
Assouline, David PS XXe
Bache, Marinette PS XXe
Bargeton, Julien PS XXe
Baupin, Denis EELVA XXe
Benguigui, Yamina PS XXe
Bouakkaz, Hamou PS XXe
Calandra, Frédérique PS XXe
Charzat, Michel EELVA XXe
Daspet, Virginie PS XXe
Giboudeaux, Fabienne EELVA XXe
Lopez, Katia EELVA XXe
Mansat, Pierre PC XXe
Simonnet, Danielle PG XXe


  1. Mercier replaces Pierre Castagnou who died 24 February 2009.

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