Cosmas of Prague

Miniature depicting Cosmas, from Lipský rukopis, an early ms. of Chronica Boemorum
Page of manuscript of Chronica Boemorum. Near the bottom of the page are the names of seven legendary dukes, who came after Přemysl, the Ploughman.

Cosmas of Prague (Czech: Kosmas Pražský; Latin: Cosmas Decanus; c.1045 – October 21, 1125) was a priest, writer and historian born in a noble family in Bohemia. Between 1075 and 1081, he studied in Liège. After his return to Bohemia, he became a priest and married Božetěcha, with whom he probably had a son. In 1086, Cosmas was appointed prebendary (canonicus) of Prague, a prestigious position. As prebendary he also travelled through Europe on official matters.

His magnum opus, written in Latin, is called Chronica Boëmorum ("Chronicle of Bohemians" or "The chronicle of the Czechs"). The Chronica is divided into three books:


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