Cornwallis (East Indiaman)

Some two to four vessels with the name Cornwallis, for Charles Cornwallis, 1st Marquess Cornwallis, have an association with British East India Company (EIC).

EIC voyage #1 (1810) — Cornwallis sailed from Bombay on 17 June 1810. She reached St Helena on 3 September and arrived at Long Reach on 16 November.[2]
EIC voyage #2 (1817-18) — Captain Thomas Brown sailed from Calcutta on 25 March 1817. Cornwallis was at Diamond Harbour on 10 May, Madras on 10 July, and the Cape on 27 October. She arrived at Spithead on 17 January 1818.[2]

One of these vessels was still trading cotton to China as late as 1827.[4]

Loss in 1822

A ship named Cornwallis sailed from Calcutta on or about 20 January 1822, bound for Mauritius. She was "spoken to" on or about 18 February, southward of the Line, but not seen again.[5]

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