Cornelius Tollius

Cornelius or Cornelis Tollius (c. 1628 - June 13, 1654) was a Dutch scholar.


Tollius was born in Rhenen, the son of Johannes Tollius and his first wife Maria Gordon. He probably studied in Utrecht and certainly in Amsterdam under the friendly guidance of Gerhard Johann Vossius. With Gerhard's son Isaac Vossius, who in 1648 became court librarian in Uppsala, he went to Sweden as an amanuensis. His companion later accused him of having stolen some of his books. On April 12, 1648, Tollius was appointed professor of history and Greek at the University of Harderwijk, where he was also secretary of the College of Curators. In January 1654 he succeeded Georgius Hornius as professor of history, political science, and geography. Tollius died unexpectedly in Gouda, shortly after his marriage on March 5 to Margaretha van Kent, the daughter of the mayor of Gouda. He died in Gouda, still a young man, while his contemporaries had high expectations of him.


Tollius' publications include:

A number of Tollius' orations were also published:

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