Corcu Baiscind

The Corcu Baiscind were an early Érainn people or kingdom of what is now southern County Clare in Munster. They descended from Cairpre Baschaín, son of Conaire Cóem, a High King of Ireland. Closely related were the Múscraige and Corcu Duibne, both of Munster, and also the Dál Riata of Ulster and Scotland, all belonging to the Síl Conairi of legend. A more distant ancestor was the legendary monarch Conaire Mór, son of Eterscél, son of Íar, son of Dedu mac Sin.

Corcu Baiscind was eventually absorbed into the Kingdom of Thomond under the Dál gCais.

Among their septs were O'Baskin, MacDermot and O'Donnell/MacDonnell.[1] The MacMahon family of the Dál gCais, after their conquest of the area became Lords of Corcu Baiscind.

Annalistic references

See Annals of Inisfallen (AI)



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