Cora (Ancient Latin town)

Cora was a town in ancient central Italy.

It is recorded as being part of the Latin League. According to Livy, in 503 BC it sought unsuccessfully to revolt against the Roman republic, together with Suessa Pometia, and with the assistance of the Aurunci.[1]

By 495 BC Cora and Pometia are said by Livy to have been Volscian towns. Upon hearing of Volscian attempts to foment war, the Roman army marched against the Volsci, and in order to avoid war the Volsci offered three hundred children of the leading men of Cora and Suessa Pometia as hostages. War nevertheless broke out later in the year. It is unclear what happened to the hostages.[2]

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Coordinates: 41°38′40″N 12°54′46″E / 41.64447°N 12.91267°E / 41.64447; 12.91267

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