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The Coping With series of books is a series of books aimed at 11- to 16-year-olds, written by Peter Corey and published by Scholastic Hippo. The first book, Coping with Parents, was released in 1989, and the series continued until 2000, with the last book being Coping with Cash. The books take a humorous look at issues which affect teenagers and how to cope with these issues. The books are all generally built using the same basic structure:

The titles in the series, in order, are:

Coping With Book Series
Title Publication Year ISBN Illustrator Length (Pages)
Coping With Parents1 1989 ISBN 0-590-76140-4 Martin Brown 139
Coping With Teachers1 1991 ISBN 0-590-76485-3 Martin Brown 141
Coping With Girls/Boys1 2 1992 ISBN 0-590-55044-6 Martin Brown 144 (72 each half)
Coping With School 1993 ISBN 0-590-55279-1 Martin Brown 143
Coping With The Family 1994 ISBN 0-590-55524-3 Martin Brown 144
Coping With Pets 1995 ISBN 0-590-55838-2 Martin Brown 144
Coping With Friends 1996 ISBN 0-590-13183-4 Martin Brown 112
Coping With Love 1997 ISBN 0-590-13446-9 Philip Reeve 127
Coping With Exams and Tests 1998 ISBN 0-590-19683-9 Philip Reeve 128
Coping With 1999 (A Diary) 1998 ISBN 0-590-11296-1 Philip Reeve 128
Coping With The 21st Century 1999 ISBN 0-590-11192-2 Mike Phillips 144
Coping With Christmas 1 1999 ISBN 0-439-01187-6 Mike Phillips 155
Coping With Cash 2000 ISBN 0-439-01015-2 Mike Phillips 144

The Television Show

The books success led to, in 1994, a one-off television special on Channel 4 called Coping with Grown-ups, shown as part of Channel 4's Look Who's Talking strand, featuring shows made by children. This was followed by Coping With Christmas in 1995,[1] and a 6-part series across the 1997-1998 new year: Holidays, School, Cool, Relatives, Girls, Boys. These won multiple awards, including a BAFTA.


  1. Note 1 : A concise (pocket-sized 96 page) version of these books was released on 17 November 2000
  2. Note 2 : Co-written by Kara May


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