Convent of Jesus and Mary

For the Japanese school in Madrid, see Colegio Japonés de Madrid.

The Convent of Jesus and Mary is a network of Roman Catholic schools originating in east-central France in the 19th century. Since its inception, it has expanded to: In Europe: Ireland, Spain, Italy, England, and Germany. In the Americas:United States, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, and Bolivia. In the Middle East: Lebanon and Syria. In Africa: Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and Nigeria. In Asia: Pakistan, India, and The Philippines.[1] Then 44-year-old Claudine Thévenet (1774–1837) (known as Mary of St. Ignatius) founded the Religious institute of the Religious of Jesus and Mary in Lyon on 5 October 1818.

St. Claudine Thevenet, Foundress

Some of the current CJM schools include (in alphabetical order):



United Kingdom:



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