Convent Of Sacred Heart Lahore

Sacred Heart Convent, or SHCS, is an all girls Catholic missionary schools based in the city of Lahore, Pakistan.

Established in the year 1908, it is one of the oldest and most prolific schools in Pakistan. Values such as hard-work, simplicity, honesty, fair play, respect for others and self, charity for the less fortunate and humility are known to be the trademark of every Sacred heartian. With the help of a well-designed curriculum, the girls who attend Sacred Heart are transformed into cultured, dignified and accomplished young ladies who adjust in the society with poise. The kind of grooming is which is given is what helps these young ladies make a significant contribution to the society.It provides a quality education for which it is known.


At the end of the 19th century, the Great Famine plagued the subcontinent. In the year 1897, the Roman Catholic Hierarchy decided to send a group of nuns to care for the children who had been traumatised, abandoned and orphaned by the Famine and this is what brought the nuns to Pakistan. By 1906 the Great Famine ended and the number of children decreased, the dome rooms which once composed the orphanage were left empty. At that time, financial support from abroad was withdrawn and making ends meet became difficult. It was thus that the unoccupied rooms transformed in to Sacred Heart School. A notice was placed in the newspapers by Sister Marie de la Trinite Lootens to announce the opening of an all girls school for both borders and day scholars from affluent families. The children from all creeds were welcomed. The school taught not only Hindu but also those from the Muslim, Parsee and Christian faiths.

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