Contemporary European History

Contemporary European History  
Discipline History of Europe from 1918
Language English
Edited by Neville Wylie
Publication details
Cambridge University Press (United Kingdom)
Publication history
Frequency Quarterly
ISSN 9266-0049(Warning: Check ISSN) (print)
1469-2171 (web)
LCCN 92660049
OCLC no. 237351536

Contemporary European History is an international peer-reviewed academic history journal, published by Cambridge University Press quarterly since 1992 and covering the history of Europe from 1918 onwards. Currently its editors are Dr. Dejan Djokić, (Goldsmiths, University of London, UK), Dr. N. Piers Ludlow, (London School of Economics and Political Science, UK), Dr. Josie McLellan, (University of Bristol, UK), Dr. Jessica Reinisch, (Birkbeck, University of London, UK) and Dr. Tara Zahra, (University of Chicago, USA).

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