Constantine IV, King of Armenia

Constantine IV (also Constantine VI; Armenian: Կոստանդին, Western Armenian transliteration: Gosdantin or Kostantine; died 1373) was the King of Armenian Cilicia from 1362 until his death. He was the son of Hethum of Neghir, a nephew of Hethum II of Armenia. Constantine came to the throne on the death of his cousin Constantine III, whose widow, Maria, daughter of Oshin of Corycos, he married. He is usually considered one of the Lusignan dynasty.

Constantine formed an alliance with Peter I of Cyprus, offering him the port and castle of Corycus. On Peter's death in 1369, Constantine looked for a treaty with the Sultan of Egypt. The barons were unhappy with this policy, fearing annexation by the sultan, and in 1373 Constantine was murdered. Upon his death he was succeeded by his distant cousin Leo V, who would become the last king of Cilician Armenia.

coat-of-arms of Hetumids of Lesser Armenia


Constantine IV, King of Armenia
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Gosdantin III
King of Armenia
Succeeded by
Levon V
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