Constantin Titel Petrescu

Constantin Titel Petrescu (February 5, 1888 September 2, 1957) was a Romanian politician and lawyer. He was the leader of the Romanian Social Democratic Party.

He was born in Craiova, the son of an employee of the National Bank in Bucharest. After completing high school at Saint Sava National College in 1903, he studied Philosophy and Law at the University of Bucharest.

In 1923, he stood trial for alleged insults addressed to the Romanian Army; with the help of a defense team that included Dem I. Dobrescu, he was acquitted. That same year, he joined Constantin Rădulescu-Motru, Virgil Madgearu, Constantin Costa-Foru, Victor Eftimiu, Grigore Iunian, Radu D. Rosetti, Dem Dobrescu, Nicolae L. Lupu, and Constantin Mille, in creating Liga Drepturilor Omului (the League for Human Rights), protesting against measures taken by the National Liberal cabinet of Ion I. C. Brătianu in dealing with left-wing opposition forces.

After the establishment of the communist regime, he was arrested on May 6, 1948. Detained at Jilava and Sighet prisons, he was liberated after 7 years in 1955. He spent the rest of his life in hospital, suffering from scurvy and tuberculosis, a result of the harsh treatment he endured while in prison. He is buried at Bellu cemetery, in Bucharest.

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