Constance of Aragon, Queen of Sicily

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Aragonese and Valencian Royalty
House of Barcelona
Alfonso II
Children include
Peter (future Peter II of Aragon)
Alfonso II, Count of Provence
Peter II
Children include
James (future James I of Aragon, Valencia and Majorca)
James I
Peter (future Peter III of Aragon and I of Valencia and Sicily)
James II of Majorca
Violant, Queen of Castile
Constance, Infanta of Castile
Isabella, Queen of France
Peter III (I of Valencia and Sicily)
Children include
Alfonso (future Alfonso III of Aragon and I of Valencia)
James (future James I of Sicily and II of Aragon and Valencia)
Frederick II of Sicily
Elizabeth, Queen of Portugal
Yolanda, Duchess of Calabria
Alfonso III (I of Valencia)
James II (I of Sicily)
Children include
Alfonso (future Alfonso IV of Aragon and II of Valencia)
Alfonso IV (II of Valencia)
Children include
Peter (future Peter IV of Aragon and II of Valencia)
Peter IV (II of Valencia)
Children include
Constance, Queen of Sicily
John (future John I of Aragon and Valencia)
Martin (future Martin II of Sicily and I of Aragon and Valencia)
Eleanor, Queen of Castile
Isabella, Countess of Urgel
Grandchildren include
Ferdinand (future Ferdinand I of Aragon, Valencia and Sicily)
Isabella, Countess of Urgel and Coimbra
John I
Yolande, Queen of France
Martin I (II of Sicily)

Constance of Aragon (Catalan: Constança d'Aragó; 1343 – 2/18 July 1363), was the first Queen consort of Frederick III the Simple and she was an infanta of Aragon.

She was the eldest child of Peter IV of Aragon[1] and his first wife Maria of Navarre. Her father unsuccessfully proposed her as heir to the throne in early 1347, in the absence of a male heir.

On 8 February 1351 at Perpignan, was performed the betrothal between Constance and Louis I of Anjou, son of King John II of France. However, the marriage never took place.

On 11 April 1361 at Catania, Constance married King Frederick III of Sicily.[1] They only had one daughter, Maria (2 July 1363 - 25 March 1401),[1] who succeeded her father and married Martin of Aragon.

In 1363 Constance died in Catania, Sicily, either from the plague,[1] or following childbirth complications. She is buried in the Cathedral of Catania.


James II of Aragon
Alfonso IV of Aragon
Blanche of Anjou
Peter IV of Aragon
Gombaldo, Baron of Enteça
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Preceded by
Elisabeth of Carinthia
Queen consort of Sicily
Succeeded by
Antonia of Balzo

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