Conrad II of Raabs

Conrad II of Raabs
Spouse(s) Hildegard of Abenberg
Noble family House of Raabs
Father Conrad I of Raabs
Born c.1125-1130
Died c.1191

Conrad II of Raabs (c.1125-1130 c.1191) was from about 1160 until his death Burgrave of the medieval Burgraviate of Nuremberg.


Conrad was a count of Raabs, a family of edelfrei nobility, named after their first castle, Burg Raabs an der Thaya in Lower Austria. Conrad II was a son of Conrad I of Raabs, who had been enfeoffed around 1105 with the Burgraviate of Nuremberg, together with his older brother Gottfried II. Gottfried II's son Gottfried III of Raabs was expressly referred to with the title burggravius de Norinberg in 1154. Around 1160, Conrad II succeeded Gottfried III as Burgrave.

Conrad II did not have a male heir, and when he died around 1191, the male line of the Counts of Raabs died out. The Burgraviate of Nuremberg was inherited by is son-in-law, Frederick I of Zollern, who had married Conrad II's daughter, Sophia of Raabs. Emperor Henry VI probably enfeoffed Frederick I as Burgrave of Nuremberg.


Conrad II of Raabs
House of Raabs
Born: c.1125-1130 Died: c.1191
Preceded by
Gottfried III
Burgrave of Nuremberg
Succeeded by
Frederick I
(de jure uxoris)

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