Conrad I, Burgrave of Nuremberg

Conrad I, Burgrave of Nuremberg

Conrad I, Burgrave of Nuremberg
Noble family House of Hohenzollern
Father Frederick I of Nuremberg
Mother Sophie of Raabs
Born c.1186
Died 1261

Conrad I of Nuremberg (c. 1186 – 1261) was a Burgrave of Nuremberg of the House of Hohenzollern. He was the younger[1] son of Frederick I of Nuremberg and Sophie of Raabs. His title as Count of Zollern was Conrad III, but Conrad I as Burgrave of Nuremberg.


Conrad was the son of Burgrave Frederick I (originally Count Frederick III of Zollern), the first Nuremberg Burgrave of the Hohenzollern, and Sophie of Raabs. As a count of Zollern he is enumerated as Conrad III. After the death of his father around 1204 the rank of burgrave passed first to Conrad's younger brother, Frederick II. However, in 1218 (or possibly 1214) the house's possessions were divided again and Conrad then received the possessions in Franconia with the title of burgrave.

In this period he strengthened his power and supported the House of Hohenstaufen in the fight between Guelphs and Ghibellines for the royal crown. Emperor Frederick II wished to develop Nuremberg to a dependable base, and therefore in 1219 bestowed a great charter of freedom upon the castle market. While Conrad took over the military protection of the town as a Burgrave, the citizens were able to attain an increasing autonomy in their internal affairs. Conrad also supported the emperor when he was banished. The death of Frederick II in 1250 was a heavy blow to the Hohenzollerns, because they now lacked their major support against the other German nobility.

Between 1237 and 1239 Conrad was an administrator of the duchy of Austria together with the Counts of Henneberg and of Andechs, although for political reasons he often opposed these families. Among other territories, he acquired the Rangau with Ansbach, significant parts of the Pegnitz valley and gained control over the most important trade routes to Nuremberg. He successfully fought against the marauding knights and warded off the nobility.

Family and children

The exact name of his wife is not known. She may possibly have been Adelheid of Frontenhausen or the daughter of Frederick II, Count of Leiningen and Saarbrücken. He had the following children:

  1. Frederick III of Nuremberg (c. 1220 – 14 August 1297, Cadolzburg).
  2. Conrad II of Nuremberg (d. 1314).
  3. Adelheid (d. 1304), married before 8 July 1241 to Count Rapoto III of Ortenburg, Count Palatine of Bavaria.
  4. Sophie (d. after 16 June 1276), married to Marquard of Arnsberg-Heydeck.


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Conrad I, Burgrave of Nuremberg
Born: c.1186 Died: c.1260
Preceded by
Frederick II
Burgrave of Nuremberg
Succeeded by
Frederick III
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