Condesuyos Province


Qurupuna volcano, Condesuyos Province

Location of Condesuyos in the Arequipa Region
Country Peru
Region Arequipa
Capital Chuquibamba
  Mayor Miguel Angel Manchego Llerena (2007)
  Total 6,958.4 km2 (2,686.7 sq mi)
  Total 18,963
  Density 2.7/km2 (7.1/sq mi)

Condesuyos Province is one of eight provinces in the Arequipa Region of Peru. Its seat is Chuquibamba.


The Andean Volcanic Belt and the Wansu mountain range traverse the province. Some of the highest peaks of the province are listed below:[1]

Political division

The province is divided into eight districts which are:

Ethnic groups

The province is inhabited by indigenous citizens of Quechua descent. Spanish, however, is the language which the majority of the population (73.02%) learnt to speak in childhood, 26.37% of the residents started speaking using the Quechua language (2007 Peru Census).[2]

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Coordinates: 15°50′21″S 72°39′05″W / 15.839264°S 72.651358°W / -15.839264; -72.651358

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