Comparison of development estimation software

A comparison of notable Software development effort estimation software.

Software Schedule estimate Cost estimate Cost Models Input Report Output Format Supported Programming Languages Platforms Cost License
AFCAA REVIC[1] Yes Yes REVIC KLOC, Scale Factors, Cost Drivers proprietary, Text any DOS Free Proprietary Free for public distribution
ArciFrame[2] Yes Yes ArciFrame Various Excel, Proprietary any Fully Web-based Commercial Proprietary
Construx Estimate[3] Yes Yes SLIM, COCOMO II, Monte Carlo KLOC, Scale Factors, Function points, Historical data, Time and Resource Constraints, Prioritities proprietary, Text any Windows Free Proprietary
Costar[4] Yes Yes COCOMO II, COCOMO 81, REVIC KLOC, Scale Factors, Cost Drivers proprietary, Excel, CSV any Windows Commercial Proprietary
Cost Xpert sucCXess 2012 R2[5] Yes Yes COCOMO II Early Design and Post-Architecture (1997 - 2003); CX COCOMO 2009 - 2012; REVIC Various Excel, MS Project any Full web-based, collaborative platform Commercial Proprietary[6] No Yes ALA, COCOMO Function points, Cost Drivers, Use Cases, Work breakdown structure, Three-point estimation, User Stories, PERT, Historical data, Combination Excel, CSV, PDF, HTML Any through the API Any (Web-based) runs on any Java Application Server Commercial Proprietary Free for NGO and educational use
ProjectCodeMeter[7] Yes Yes Weighted Micro Function Points, COCOMO II 2000, COCOMO 81, REVIC Automatic Source Scanning, Cost Drivers HTML, Excel, CSV C, C++, C#, J#, Java, PHP, Objective C, JavaScript, UnrealEngine script, Flash ActionScript, DigitalMars D Windows Commercial Proprietary
Seer for Software[8] Yes Yes SEER-SEM SLOC, Function points, use cases, bottoms-up, object, features proprietary, Excel, Microsoft Project, IBM Rational, Oracle Crystal Ball any Windows Commercial Proprietary
SLIM[9] Yes Yes SLIM Size (SLOC, Function points, Use Cases, etc.), constraints (size, duration, effort, staff), scale factors, historical projects, historical trends proprietary, Excel, Microsoft Project, Microsoft PowerPoint, IBM Rational, text, HTML any Windows, Any (Web-based)[10] Commercial Proprietary
SystemStar[11] Yes Yes COSYSMO 2005 Components, Cost Drivers proprietary, Excel, CSV any Windows Commercial Proprietary
Targetprocess[12] Yes via custom fields Yes via custom fields Unknown Unknown Graphical, CSV any Web-based, on-site available Commercial, free for up to 1000 entities[13] Proprietary
TruePlanning[14] Yes Yes PRICE Components, Structures, Activities, Cost drivers, Processes, Functional Software Size (Source Lines of Code (SLOC), Function Points, Use Case Conversion Points (UCCP), Predictive Object Points (POPs) etc.) Excel, CAD any Windows Commercial Proprietary
TSA Metric Studio[15] Yes Yes Function points Function points proprietary, XML, Microsoft Project any Windows Commercial Proprietary
USC COCOMO II[16] Yes Yes COCOMO.II.2000, COCOMO.II.1999, COCOMO.II.1998 KLOC, Scale Factors, Cost Drivers proprietary any Windows, SunOS Free Proprietary Free for personal and educational use

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