Communist Party of Argentina

Communist Party of Argentina
Leader Patricio Etchegaray (General Secretary)
Founded 1918
Headquarters Buenos Aires, Argentina
Membership 22,930 (2012)[1]
Ideology Communism,
International affiliation Foro de São Paulo, International Meeting of Communist and Workers' Parties
Colors Red
Official website

The Communist Party of Argentina (Spanish: Partido Comunista de la Argentina, also simply known as "PC") is a communist party in Argentina. It was founded in 1918.


Founding of PCA, 1918

At the 2005 legislative elections, the Party joined the Encuentro Amplio with other left-wing parties in Buenos Aires and Buenos Aires Province. The coalition did badly and lost its existing national representation.

Members in the Santa Fe Province joined the Progressive, Civic and Social Front, which had its candidate, Hermes Binner (PS) elected in 2007 as governor.

The youth wing of PCA is the Communist Youth Federation.

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