Committee on the Constitution (Parliament of Sweden)

The Committee on the Constitution (Swedish: Konstitutionsutskottet, KU) is a standing committee in the Swedish Riksdag.

The committee prepares matters concerning the Fundamental Laws of the Realm (Swedish: Rikets grundlagar) and the Riksdag Act (Swedish: Riksdagsordningen) and other matters concerning legislation of a constitutional and general administrative nature, as well as matters relating to radio and television. Other matters concern freedom of expression, formation of public opinion, freedom of worship and financial support for the press and the political parties.

The Committee on the Constitution also prepares matters concerning the Riksdag itself and certain state administrative authorities under the Government (Swedish: Förvaltningsmyndigheter) such as the County Administrative Boards, administrative division and local authoritires (Swedish: Kommuner) etc.

Matters concerning appropriations falling within expenditure area 1 - The governance of the Realm (Swedish: Rikets styrelse) - are prepared by the Committee on the Constitution.

The Committee on the Constitution also has the task of scrutinising the work of the Government and its ministers and informing the Riksdag of the result of its scrutiny. The Committee on the Constitution can also decide whether or not a member of the Riksdag or a cabinet minister is to be prosecuted.

As with the other committees, the Committee on the Constitution consists of seventeen members of the Riksdag (at least one from each party). Traditionally, the chairman of the committee is chosen from the largest opposition party. The current chairman is Peter Eriksson of the Swedish Green Party.


The first Committee on the Constitution was established in the Riksdag of the Estates in May 1809. Its first secretary was Hans Järta. The committee played a decisive role in bringing about a new Instrument of Government, which was adopted on 6 June 1809. The existence of a Committee on the Constitution and other parliamentary committees was further regulated in the current Instrument of Government from 1974.


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