Comeback (TV series)

This article is about the Czech sitcom. For the HBO series, see The Comeback (TV series).
Genre Comedy
Created by Tomáš Baldýnský
Jiří Vaněk
Petra Soukupová
Tomáš Holeček
Richard Malatinský
Vladimír Fanta
and other
Directed by Petr Fišer
Jaroslav Fuit
Jiří Diarmaid Novák
Zdeněk Dušek
Starring Tomáš Matonoha
Martin Dejdar
Dana Batulková
Kristýna Leichtová
Matouš Ruml
Marie Doležalová
Simona Babčáková
Country of origin Czech Republic
Original language(s) Czech
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 51 + 8 short specials (list of episodes)
Producer(s) Tomáš Baldýnský
Camera setup multi camera
Running time 30 minutes
Production company(s) CET 21
Original network TV Nova
Picture format PAL
Audio format Stereophonic sound
Original release September 24, 2008 (2008-09-24) – 2010
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Comeback is a Czech television sitcom which premiered on TV Nova on September 4, 2008.[1]


The sitcom revolves around Tomáš Pacovský (Tomáš Matonoha), owner of a music store named U Dvou Akordů (Two Chords'), and his family. His brother Ozzák (Martin Dejdar) (the name 'Ozzák' is an allusion to an Ozzy Osbourne fan) is a chronic alcoholic who loves Heavy Metal. The majority of jokes and gags are about his alcoholism and his absolute belief in metal music. Ozzák professes this opinion: Music which isn't related (more or less) to metal is trash, and not worth selling, but metal is the real deal, and so it should be given away for free. Tomáš has a teenage daughter Iva (Kristýna Leichtová) who is (seemingly) the only normal member of the family, although she has her funny moments as well.

Other characters include the members of the Buček family. Simona (Simona Babčáková), a slightly odd, middle-aged woman with a very hooked nose, who works in a pub named "The Badger's" (U Jezevce) in the first season, where Ozzák spends most of his free time and money. She has two children. They are neighbours of the Pacovský family. Lexa (Matouš Ruml) is an unintelligent boy who is in love (albeit platonically) with Iva. Lexa also admires Ozzák and does everything Ozzák says. Saša (Marie Doležalová) is a very quiet girl who sometimes thinks of herself as invisible. One of her personality quirks, for example, is that whenver she tries to lie, she faints. The Buček family are very poor and Simone often does drastic measures to keep them in the black numbers.[2]

The last main character is Marcela (Dana Batulková). Her husband is Zoran Divić, a gangster from Croatia, and a big fan of HNK Hajduk Split soccer team and Tomi Paci. She helps in Tomáš' store as a volunteer, because music is her hobby. Marcela disapproves of Ozzák's long hair and his love of heavy metal music and sometimes she refuses to work with him. It may seem that she doesn't like Ozzák, but she actually develops a kind of relationship with him.

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