Combination plate

Nepalese dal bhat served on a thali, a type of compartment plate

A combination plate can refer to several things, including:


A combination plate of American Chinese food, served on a disposable compartment plate dish

A combination plate may refer to a meal or plate with a combination of foods.[1][2][3]


A combination plate may refer to a type of tableware plate, dish or platter that is designed with separate compartments for foods to be placed in.[4] This has also been referred to as a compartment plate[3] and a partition plate. Combination plate meals are sometimes served on this type of plate.[3] In Nepal, this type of plate is called a thaali, and is typically made of metal.[5] In Nepalese cuisine, the dish daal bhaat is often served on a thaali.[5] In the United States, compartment plates have been used to serve table d'hôte dinners.[3] In the United States, combination plates have been used as a part of U.S. army mess kits.[6]


In dentistry, the term has referred to dentures prepared and cast with a combination of materials, such as gold and rubber, plastic and metallic material,[7] and gold and porcelain.[8]


In gemology, a combination plate refers to two or more crystals and/or minerals that have formed in a combination.


In printing and graphic arts, a printing plate that has "both halftones and line drawings, often combined"[9][10]

Wall plate

A combination wall plate

A combination plate can refer to a combination wall plate that has a combination of ports for switches, plugs, etc.[11][12][13]

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