Columbia Comics

Columbia Comics
Status defunct, 1949
Founded 1940
Founder Vin Sullivan
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location New York City
Publication types Comic books
Nonfiction topics McNaught Newspaper Syndicate characters
Fiction genres Superhero, adventure, humor

Columbia Comics Corporation was a comic book publisher active in the 1940s. It was formed in 1940 as a partnership between Vin Sullivan and the McNaught Newspaper Syndicate to publish comic books featuring reprints of such McNaught comics strips as Joe Palooka and Charlie Chan as well as original features.

Its first published title was the anthology title Big Shot Comics, the premiere of which introduced Skyman and The Face. Big Shot Comics would run for 104 issues until 1949, when Columbia went out of business. Other titles published by Columbia included spinoff series from Big Shot Comics featuring Skyman (four issues) and The Face.[1]

Comics creators who worked for Columbia included Fred Guardineer, on Marvelo, the Monarch of Magicians; and Ogden Whitney and Gardner Fox on Skyman.[2]



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