Colegio Max Uhle

Colegio Max Uhle (German: Deutsche Schule Max Uhle Arequipa) is a German international school in Arequipa, Peru. It serves years 1-12.[1]

The school's activities began in 1956. In 1961 the school had 269 students, with 70 in kidergarten, 41 in transition, 138 in primary, and 20 in secondary. In 1967 it moved to its current site, which was a 15,000-square-metre (160,000 sq ft) campus built for 1,360,000 German marks, funded by the West German government. In 2002 the school began allowing preschool students after a 2001 installation of nine classrooms, funded by $530,000 USD on a 7,500-square-metre (81,000 sq ft) plot of land. As of 2016 the school has over 1,100 students.[2]

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