Code of Massachusetts Regulations

The Code of Massachusetts Regulations (CMR) is the canonical collection of regulations promulgated by various agencies of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It is the state counterpart to the national Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).

Regulations which have been approved by an authorized agency according to a procedure established by the legislature have the force of law. This allows the state legislature to delegate the details of certain types of lawmaking to executive agencies.

Updates to the CMR are published in the bi-weekly Massachusetts Register from the Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth. The Code is organized by executive cabinet agency. In citations, the number before the "CMR" refers to the issuing agency, and the numbers thereafter refer to a specific chapter or section. [1]

N.B. the official CMR is available, online, on a subscription basis. An unofficial version of the CMR is available online for free from the Massachusetts Trial Court Law Libraries.

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  1. Code of Massachusetts Regulations FAQ

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