Cockington Green Gardens

Cockington Green Gardens
Location Canberra, Australia, Gold Creek Village
Coordinates 35°11′30.62″S 149°5′13.01″E / 35.1918389°S 149.0869472°E / -35.1918389; 149.0869472Coordinates: 35°11′30.62″S 149°5′13.01″E / 35.1918389°S 149.0869472°E / -35.1918389; 149.0869472
Opened 1979

Cockington Green Gardens is a park of miniatures, situated in Nicholls, Australian Capital Territory.

Doug and Brenda Sarah had the idea to create a miniature village in 1972 and Cockington Green was opened on 3rd November 1979.

The business is family owned and operated, incorporating over four generations.

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