Coat of arms of Tuvalu

Coat of arms of Tuvalu
Armiger Elizabeth II in Right of Tuvalu
Adopted 1976
Escutcheon Per fess, the chief Azure, a Maneapa standing on a grassy ground, all proper, the base Barry wavy of nine Or and Azure; and a bordure Or, charged with eight Banana leaves alternating with eight Coaches proper.[1]
Motto Tuvalu mo te Atua
"Tuvalu for the Almighty"

The coat of arms of Tuvalu is a shield with a golden border, which is decorated in a pattern with eight mussels and eight banana leaves. The shield itself shows a hut beneath a blue sky on green grounds. Beneath the ground are stylised depictions in blue and gold of ocean waves. The coat of arms was approved by the Royal College of Heralds in 1976.[1]

The motto is Tuvalu mo te Atua, Tuvaluan for "Tuvalu for the Almighty".[1] This additionally serves as the title of the Tuvaluan national anthem.


The coat of arms of Tuvalu featured on the national flag of Tuvalu in 1995-1996 but the design which was introduced in those years proved to be unpopular.

The old flag, featuring the British Union Flag in the hoist, and omitting the Tuvaluan coat of arms, was reinstated. The coat of arms is still featured on Tuvalu's state flag.

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