Coat of arms of Norfolk Island

Coat of arms of Norfolk Island
Armiger Territory of Norfolk Island
Adopted 20 October 1980
Supporters Lion and kangaroo
Motto Inasmuch

The coat of arms of Norfolk Island is the official symbol of the island and external Australian territory of Norfolk Island. It was granted by a Royal Warrant of Queen Elizabeth II on 20 October 1980.

The formal description, or blazon, of the Arms is: Per chevron Azure and Argent in chief two Mullets of the last and in base issuant from a Rocky Mount charged with a Book expanded proper edged Or leathered Gules a Norfolk Island Pine proper; And for Crest: Out of a Naval Crown Azure a demi-lion Or gorged with a laurel wreath proper and holding a covered cup Or; And for Supporters: On the dexter side a Lion and on the sinister side a Kangaroo proper each resting the exterior foreleg on an Anchor erect Azure; And for the Compartment: a motto "INASMUCH"

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