Coat of arms of Lesotho

Coat of arms of Lesotho

Armiger King Letsie III
Adopted 4 October 1968
Escutcheon Upon a Basotho shield: Gules a crocodile embowed Azure
Supporters Two Basotho horses proper
Compartment The summit of Thaba Bosiu
Motto Khotso, Pula, Nala
"Peace, Rain, Prosperity"
Other elements Behind the escutcheon, a thyrsus of Ostrich feathers erect and a barbed assegai and knobkerrie per saltire.

The coat of arms of Lesotho was adopted on 4 October 1966 following independence. Pictured is a crocodile on a Basotho shield. This is the symbol of the dynasty of Lesotho's largest ethnicity, the Sotho. Behind the shield there are two crossed weapons, an assegai (lance) and a knobkierie (club). To the left and right of the shield are supporters of the shield, two Basutho horses. In the foreground there is a ribbon with the national motto of Lesotho: Khotso, Pula, Nala (Sotho, to English: Peace, Rain, Prosperity). The crocodile on the shield has been retained from the arms of Basutoland, the predecessor to Lesotho.

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