Coalition for Melilla

Coalition for Melilla
President Mustafa Aberchán
Founded October 2, 1995
Ideology Social democracy
Muslim and Berber rights
Political position Centre-left
Assembly of Melilla
7 / 25

The Coalition for Melilla (CPM) (Spanish: Coalición por Melilla) is a political party in the North African exclave of Melilla. The party was formed shortly before the 1995 municipal regional elections of Melilla, as a split from the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE) which had previously a strong electoral implantation among Muslim voters. At the 1995 municipal elections, CPM won five seats, as many as the PSOE, and the People's Party (PP) (PP won 14. Three years later, in August 1998, there was a split in the PP and a new municipal executive was formed against the PP, including the CPM, with its leader Mustafa Aberchán entering it with the Environment portfolio.[1]

In 1999, Mustafa Aberchán, running on the Coalition ticket, became the first Muslim mayor of Melilla due to PSOE and Independent Liberal Group backing. At 2007 elections for Melilla Assembly, the party came second (5 seats) after PP (15 seats).

Coalition for Melilla has been federated with United Left since June 2008.


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