Clotilde Countess of Nassau-Merenberg

Clotilde, Countess von Merenberg

Clotilde, Countess von Merenberg, (born 14 May 1941 in Wiesbaden, Germany) is the last patrilineal descendant of the House of Nassau, the male line of which ruled the Duchy of Nassau until 1866, provided a 12th-century German king, a line of Princes of Orange who served first as stadholders of the United Dutch Provinces and, from 1815 to 1948, as kings of the Netherlands, and reigned as grand dukes of Luxembourg until 1968. Neither she, however, nor her father or paternal grandfather were deemed full members of the Nassau dynasty, the last member of which, Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg, died in 1985.[1] While Countess Clothilde's branch of the family had legitimate male members until 1965, they had been bypassed for Luxembourg's throne since 1907.

A psychiatrist, she was the only child of Count George von Merenberg (1897–1965) and Elisabeth Müller-Uri (1903-1963). In 1965, she married Enno von Rintelen (9 November 1921, Berlin-Charlottenburg - 16 October 2013), a gynecologist, and they have three sons:

The Counts von Merenberg descend legitimately from the morganatic marriage in 1868 of Prince Nikolaus Wilhelm of Nassau and Natalia Pushkina, an untitled member of the lower Russian nobility, a daughter of the renowned poet Alexander Pushkin. Although their son, Count George von Merenberg married a daughter of Tsar Alexander II of Russia and pressed for recognition as heir presumptive to the Luxembourgeois throne as its grand ducal line approached extinction, a 1907 law of the grandduchy dismissed the Merenbergs' claim to the throne.

Prince Nikolaus was a great-grandson of Charles Christian, 3rd Prince of Nassau-Weilburg, who in 1760 married Princess Carolina of Orange-Nassau, a daughter of the Dutch stadholder William IV, Prince of Orange and Anne, Princess Royal of Great Britain. Countess Clotilde is also a great-granddaughter of the Russian Emperor Alexander II.

Clotilde is the chairwoman of the German Pushkin society[2] and also the chairwoman of the Herus e.V. - Hessisch-russischer interkultureller Austausch und humanitäre Hilfe.[3]



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