Claudine (TV series)


Claudine title screen
Genre Drama, anthology
Created by GMA Entertainment TV Group
Directed by various
Starring Claudine Barretto
Country of origin Philippines
Original language(s) Filipino
No. of episodes 18 episodes
Location(s) Metro Manila, Philippines
Running time 45-60 minutes
Original network GMA Network
Picture format NTSC (480i)
Original release April 10 (2010-04-10) – August 7, 2010 (2010-08-07)
Related shows Magpakailanman

Claudine is a weekly drama anthology named after its lead star, Claudine Barretto,[1] by GMA Network. The pilot episode was originally scheduled on March 28, but it was moved to April 10. The show run for 16 weeks.[2][3][4][5]

Claudine episodes

Original Airdate Featured Cast Title Director Claudine's Role
April 10, 2010 Isabel Rivas
Matet de Leon
and Raymart Santiago
Alzheimer's Laurice Guillen Susan
The pilot episode of Claudine directed by Laurice Guillen explores the impassioned affair between two lovers whose relationship is challenged by the debilitating disease.

Claudine stars as the fiancée of Andy played by her real-life partner and longtime kapuso Raymart Santiago whose parents disapprove of his choice of partner. Andy fights for their love and they eventually marry. Soon after, however, Andy contracts a rare, early onset of Alzheimer’s causing him to gradually forget his love for his wife, and which pushes Susan (Claudine) to embark on a losing battle.

April 17, 2010 TJ Trinidad
Isabel Oli
and Wendell Ramos
Kahapon, Ngayon at Bukas Joel Lamagan Elena
There is a big change in the life of Elena (Claudine Barretto) when she learned that her husband Lemuel (TJ Trinidad) died while working abroad. With the help of her husband's best friend, Daniel (Wendell Ramos) she learned slowly to forget what loneliness she felt when her husband died. As time goes by she learned to appreciate and loved each other which ended up in marriage.

But one day Lemuel, her husband is back home alive and found out that his wife is pregnant courtesy of his best friend. And that is where the complication starts. Will Elena go back to her first husband or will she stick with her present husband?

April 24, 2010 Jackie Lou Blanco
Edwin Reyes
Marcus Madrigal
and Angelika dela Cruz
Ina-inahan, Anak-Anakan Andoy Ranay Kring-Kring
Claudine, plays the role of Kring-Kring a mentally-challenged orphan cared for by her older sister. One night, she is raped by an unknown man and eventually becomes pregnant. She gives birth to a baby girl and enjoys many of the aspects of motherhood.

But when Terry, the sister (played by Angelika dela Cruz) realizes she may not live long enough to always ensure that Kring-Kring takes care of her daughter the right way, she seriously considers giving up the child for adoption because of Kring-Kring's condition. Terry finds a promising foster mother in a childless doctor (Jackie Lou Blanco) who works at the center.

Just as the doctor begins to get attached to Kring-Kring's daughter, Kring-Kring tries to fight for her right as a mother and has to prove herself worthy of being one. Will she overcome the obstacles despite her difficult condition?

May 1, 2010 Rio Locsin
Lloyd Samartino
Kier Legaspi
and Dennis Trillo
Bingit na Kaligayahan Andoy Ranay Sandra
Claudine plays an ex-junkie who is about to marry her boyfriend (Kier Legaspi). But Sandra's (Claudine) seemingly happy life hits a crossroad when her former boyfriend Jed (Dennis Trillo) steps into the picture.

It turns out that the two of them were former drug addicts until their families intervened. The only difference is that Sandra was able to recover, unlike Jed who continues to lead a delinquent lifestyle. Sandra is consumed by guilt so she offers Jed some help as well as her friendship.

However, not only does she find herself still in love with her ex-lover, she also ends up taking the rough road back to self-destruction.

May 8, 2010 Joko Diaz
Renz Valerio
Lovely Rivero
and Carmina Villaroel
Baby Maker Joyce Bernal Salve
Salve (Claudine Barretto) was once hired to carry the child of a rich couple. Years later, she finds herself alone and terminally ill. With no family or friends to turn to, Salve began to yearn for the baby she gave up a long time ago and searches for the family who adopted him.

She eventually finds their home and applies as a yaya so she can finally be with her child before she dies. The wife (Carmina Villarroel) had no idea that the nanny she just hired is the real mother of the child as it was only her husband who made the arrangement in the past with Salve.

Rowena soon discovers the truth when her husband comes home from a business trip and finds Salve in their home. They accuse Salve of trying to steal the child and send her to prison. However, upon learning the truth about Salve's illness, the couple finally allowed Salve to make her final days count by being with her child.

May 15, 2010 Bobby Andrews
Isabel Granada
Candy Pangilinan
Sweet Ramos
and Francheska "Cruzita" Salcedo
Stage Mother Soxie Topacio Choleng
Claudine plays a stagemom who insists on sending her 8-year-old daughter from one beauty pageant to another in this Saturday’s episode of her drama anthology. A frustrated beauty queen herself, Claudine passes on to her daughter the dream which she never got to realize after getting pregnant at an early age.

Amidst the preparation for yet another pageant, the child’s biological father (Bobby Andrews) appears and starts claiming custody of the child. Claudine’s daughter ended up losing the pageant which frustrates Claudine even more. In a fit of rage, Claudine blames her daughter for how her life has turned out to be which naturally hurts the child. Cruzita runs away from home, and meets an unfortunate accident.

If and when Cruzita wakes up will Claudine still get a second chance to make it right with her daughter?

May 22, 2010 Barbie Forteza
Joshua Dionisio
and Jomari Yllana
Madrasta Don Michael Perez Agnes
The story revolves around Agnes (Claudine Barretto) who tries to be a mother to someone who keeps on pushing her away. When Eliza's (Barbie Forteza) mother died, she thought that no one would ever replace her. Until her father (Jomari Yllana) married Agnes. She refused to accept Agnes in their lives and does everything to keep her away from her family but Agnes never gives up on her. But when Eliza's father dies, she realized the motherly love that Agnes can give to her despite the bad things she did to her.
May 29, 2010 Ketchup Eusebio
Mon Confiado
Vangie Labalan
and Eugene Domingo
Partners Dominic Zapata Sally
The story revolves around Sally (Claudine Barretto) who is a sales agent and is frustrated over her arch rival Lucy (Eugene Domingo). But, when the two witnessed that their customer was killed in her own home and the killers want them dead. The two became partners in solving this incident.
June 5, 2010 Jay Aquitania
Alicia Vergara
Melissa Mendez
Celia Rodriguez
Joross Gamboa
and Geoff Eigenmann
Fraternity Dominic Zapata Aileen
The story revolves around Aileen (Claudine Barretto) whose brother Nico (Jay Aquitania) is the valedectorian in her school. But Sandy is unaware that her brother is a gang member. Nico is now dead and a friend of Jeffrey's, Migs (Geoff Eigenmann), loves and care for Aileen.
June 12, 2010 Ian Veneracion
and Nadine Samonte
Yayang Aswang Dominic Zapata Cheska
Claudine Barretto's character just hired a new "yaya" (Nadine Samonte) to take care of her son. Little did she know that the person she just welcomed into their home is nowhere near the innocent nanny she claims to be. After the aswang kills Claudine's mother and abducts her child, Claudine embarks on a mission with her husband (Ian Veneracion) to rescue her son and ultimately destroy the ferocious creature. Will she succeed or end up as one the aswang's victims?
June 19, 2010 Paolo Paraiso
Shiela Marie Rodriguez
Melissa Mendez
and Richard Gomez
Laya Argel Joseph Attorney Sophia
Sophia, a powerful criminal lawyer tasked to litigate the case of woman allegedly raped by Richard. Claudine ends up winning the case and puts Richard behind bars.

Years later, Claudine's client confesses that it was not Richard who really abused her. A guilt-stricken Claudine collaborates with Richard's lawyer in a bid to set the poor man free. Much to her dismay, Claudine comes face-to-face with a completely different Richard—far from the meek and self-conscious man he once was. Now hopeless and uninspired, Richard does everything to spite and get back at Claudine. Claudine takes it upon herself to rescue Richard from what he has become but what if it's too late? Will her persistence pay off and earn the forgiveness of the man whose life she almost completely ruined?

June 26, 2010 Paolo Ballesteros
Patricia Ysmael
Chinggoy Alonzo
and Luis Alandy
Doble Cara Argel Joseph Cara
Cara (Claudine Barretto), a fashion designer, meets her homosexual half-brother (Paolo Ballesteros) for the first time after the untimely demise of their father (Chinggoy Alonzo). An aspiring designer himself, Carlo (Paolo Ballesteros) offers to help out his sister with her business and in the process bond with her as well.

All is well until mysteries surrounding Carlo's identity are revealed to Cara, which the latter initially refuses to believe. But Carlo becomes oddly possessive of her to the point of meddling in Cara's relationship with her fiancé (Luis Alandy), and even going as far as becoming a transvestite version of the female designer. Cara is naturally freaked out by her brother's actions, which ultimately puts their newly built relationship in jeopardy. Can Cara and Carlo still mend their broken ties? Will they be able to accept each other for who they are: flaws and all?

July 3, 2010 Ryan Eigenmann
and Antonio Aquitania
Heredera Argel Joseph Aiko
Claudine Barretto plays Aiko, a Filipino-Japanese woman who inherits a multi-million peso business from her Japanese father.

As it turns out, the riches she inherits becomes a life-threatening dilemma as attempts on her life immediately come after she hears of the startling news. Fearing for her life, Claudine hires a bodyguard (Ryan Eigenmann) to protect her and keep her safe. As she spends time with her bodyguard, Aiko finds herself falling for him even though she already has a boyfriend (Antonio Aquitania). That is, until Aiko learns about the mysteries surrounding her bodyguard's character that are supposedly related to the threats previously made to her life. Could it be possible that the person Aiko hired to look after her safety is the same person who threatens to harm her?

July 10, 2010 Elizabeth Oropesa
Al Tantay
and Iza Calzado
Sapi Argel Joseph Isay
As they reach their adolescent years, Isay (Claudine Barretto) decides to stay in the province while Teresa (Iza Calzado) chooses to venture in the city and pursue a career in medicine.

Years later, Isay contracts a rare illness with an unknown cause prompting Teresa to return to her hometown and find a cure for her dying sister. Little do they know that their reunion will not only reveal the reasons behind Isay's mysterious disease but also secrets buried beneath their past. What could be this deep and dark secret that Isay and Teresa have in common? Will they be able to unravel the answers that will put an end to Isay's suffering before it's too late?

July 17, 2010 Chynna Ortaleza
Marco Alcaraz
Rich Asuncion
and Aljur Abrenica
Hostage Argel Joseph Rhea
Claudine plays Rhea, a woman who has lost all her hopes in life after her entire family died from an

accident. To make matters worse, she was held captive by a young criminal named Abet (Aljur Abrenica) right inside her own house. In this time of turmoil, will Rhea and Abet find redemption or deeper misery in the end?

July 24, 2010 Buboy Villar
Carlene Aguilar
and Paolo Contis
Teacher's Pest Argel Joseph Anne
Claudine is Anne a grade school teacher whose marriage is about to fall apart. On her way home, she was surprised to see Borgy (Buboy Villar), a problem student in one of her classes, sleeping on the street. She single-mindedly takes the homeless boy into her own house, and in the process forms a special bond with him. In return, Borgy provides Anne with the inspiration to find the missing pieces in her life.
July 31, 2010 Polo Ravales
Yul Servo
Biboy Ramirez
Raquel Montesa
and Sunshine Dizon
Love Thy Neighbor Argel Joseph Janet
Melba is a poor woman who loses her husband to a freak accident. Melba crosses paths with Janet (played by Claudine Barretto), a woman whose fate runs somehow parallel with hers.

As they struggle to cope with the pains and losses in their lives, still the question of whose fault the accident is remains. Will they be able to recover from the tragedy that struck both their lives? Does time really heal all wounds?

August 7, 2010 Glaiza de Castro
Jenny Miller
and Mark Anthony Fernandez
A Love Story Argel Joseph Paulene
Claudine plays Paulene, a woman left alone at the altar by her husband-to-be, Anton (Mark Anthony) without any explanation. Two years later, they meet and Paulene is still in love with Anton. As fate brings them together, will their love story end with a romantic kiss or a bitter goodbye?

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