Claudia de' Medici

Claudia de' Medici
Archduchess of Austria & Countess of Tyrol
Duchess of Urbino
Born (1604-06-04)4 June 1604
Palazzo Pitti, Florence, Tuscany
Died 25 December 1648(1648-12-25) (aged 44)
Palace of Innsbruck, HRE
Spouse Federico della Rovere, Duke of Urbino
Leopold V, Archduke of Austria
Issue Vittoria, Grand Duchess of Tuscany
Archduke Ferdinand Charles
Isabella Clara, Duchess of Mantua
Archduke Sigismund Francis
Maria Leopoldine, Holy Roman Empress
Full name
Claudia de' Medici
House House of Medici
Father Ferdinando I de' Medici
Mother Christina of Lorraine
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Claudia de' Medici (4 June 1604 – 25 December 1648) was Regent of the Austrian County of Tyrol during the minority of her son from 1632 until 1646. She was a daughter of Ferdinando I de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany and Christina of Lorraine. She was born in Florence, and was named after her grandmother Claude of Valois, herself granddaughter of Claude, Duchess of Brittany, consort to King Francis I of France.


Duchess of Urbino

In 1620, she married Federico Ubaldo della Rovere, the only son of Francesco Maria II della Rovere, Duke of Urbino. Their only child went on to marry the Grand Duke of Tuscany. Federico Ubaldo della Rovere died suddenly on 29 June 1623.

Archduchess of Tyrol

After her husband's premature death, she was married, on 19 April 1626, to Leopold V, Archduke of Austria, and thus became Archduchess consort of Austria. She died at Innsbruck in 1648.

Regent of Tyrol

On the death of her husband in 1632, she assumed a regency in the name of her son Ferdinand Charles who was the ruler of the Princely County of Tyrol. Claudia, along with five directors, held the post until 1646.


She had one child by Federico Ubaldo della Rovere:

  1. Vittoria della Rovere (1622–1694) married Ferdinando II de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany and had issue.

She had five children by Leopold V:

  1. Maria Eleonora of Austria (1627–1629) died in infancy.
  2. Ferdinand Charles of Austria (1628–1662) married Anna de' Medici and had issue.
  3. Isabella Clara of Austria (1629–1685), who married Charles III, Duke of Mantua and had issue.
  4. Sigismund Francis of Austria (1630–1665), Count of Tyrol and Regent of Further Austria, who married Countess Palatine Maria Hedwig Auguste of Sulzbach (1650–1681) and had no issue.
  5. Maria Leopoldine of Austria (1632–1649), who married Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand III (1608–1657) and had issue.


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