Claude, Duke of Chevreuse

Claude de Guise, prince de Joinville (1610).
Arms of Claude.

Claude de Lorraine (5 June 1578 – 24 January 1657), also called Claude de Guise, was a French noble and husband of Marie de Rohan. He was the Duke of Chevreuse, a title which is today used by the Duke of Luynes.


He was the third son of Henry I, Duke of Guise and Catherine de Clèves.
Prince of Joinville, he is made Duke of Chevreuse and peer of France by Louis XIII in 1611, Grand Chamberlain of France in 1621 and Grand Falconer of France in 1622. In 1625 Charles I of England made him a Knight in the Order of the Garter.

In 1622, he married Marie de Rohan, who was 22 years younger than himself.
They had 3 daughters:

He lived with his family in the château de Dampierre, near Chevreuse.

Living an inconspicuous life, Claude succeeded in distancing himself from his wife's plotting (as a favorite of Queen Anne of Austria she was involved in many political intrigues at the court of King Louis XIII of France).

He died without a male heir in 1657.


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