City walls of Nuremberg

Walls of Nürnberg
Stadtmauer Nürnberg
Part of Nürnberg (Nuremberg)
Nuremberg, Germany
Walls of Nürnberg
Coordinates 49°27′27.72″N 11°5′17.88″E / 49.4577000°N 11.0883000°E / 49.4577000; 11.0883000
Type City walls
Site information
Owner Nuremberg
Condition Intact
Site history
Built 11th Century - 16th Century
In use 11th Century - 1940's
Battles/wars Battle of Nuremberg (1945)

The city walls of old city Nürnberg, in modern-day Nuremberg, are the defensive mechanism surrounding the city of Nuremberg, Germany. Construction started in the 12th Century and ended officially in the 16th Century, and they run for 5 kilometers (about 4 kilometers still standing) around the old town. The Nuremberg Castle together with the city wall is meant to be one of Europes most considerable medieval weir systems.[1]

Notes and references

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Coordinates: 49°27′27.72″N 11°5′17.88″E / 49.4577000°N 11.0883000°E / 49.4577000; 11.0883000

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