City of Mildura

City of Mildura

Location in Victoria
Population 20,350 (1992)[1]
 • Density 681.51/km2 (1,765.1/sq mi)
Established 1920
Area 29.86 km2 (11.5 sq mi)
Council seat Mildura
County Karkarooc
LGAs around City of Mildura:
Mildura City of Mildura Wentworth (NSW)

The City of Mildura was a local government area on the Murray River, in northwestern Victoria, Australia. The city covered an area of 29.86 square kilometres (11.5 sq mi), and existed from 1920 until 1995.


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Mildura was initially part of the Swan Hill Road District, which covered basically all of what is now northwestern Victoria. Swan Hill was incorporated on 8 July 1862, and became a shire on 14 August 1871. On 10 January 1890, the Shire of Mildura was incorporated from parts of the Lower Murray Riding.[2]

A new shire, Walpeup, was formed in western Victoria on 1 October 1911, taking in some southern areas of Mildura and sections of five other shires. A small part of the shire in and near Mildura was severed on 18 May 1920 and incorporated as a borough, which became the City of Mildura on 21 March 1934. Parts of the Sandilong and Lake Ridings were annexed to the city on 1 October 1971.[2]

On 20 January 1995, the City of Mildura was abolished, and, along with the Shires of Mildura and Walpeup, was merged into the newly created Rural City of Mildura.[3]

The City of Mildura was not divided into wards, and its nine councillors represented all electors of the city.


Year Population
1954 10,972
1958 12,020*
1961 12,270
1966 12,931
1971 14,187
1976 14,417
1981 15,763
1986 18,382
1991 20,432

* Estimate in the 1958 Victorian Year Book.


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Coordinates: 34°11′S 142°09′E / 34.183°S 142.150°E / -34.183; 142.150

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